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  1. Very sorry to hear that Dungie, looks like we'll need to wait until next year to get the "band" back together !! Steveo and I will continue to carry the flag........... hard as it is................ Cheers
  2. Hilly, are they the same in Australia? I'll also be in Sunday..... as an ex smoker I recall they sometimes tasted different depending on where you buy them. Let me know if Oz one are OK. Cheers
  3. Hmmmm, depends what you call reasonable for NY. A couple of weeks ago I stayed in the Hilton Times Square. I would recommend it as a great location. Not sure on cost, would suggest you try on the internet and see what prices you can get before you arrive. Cheers
  4. Finnair use to have some pretty cheap fares, worth a look. Cheers
  5. I've tried Thai a few times in business class. There 747's are complete shit, many other airlines economy is better. I also tried there non stop BKK - NY flight. Plane broke down and we had to overnight in Bangkok, then sub plan wasn't the 345 so we went to Osaka for fuel. That plane broke down and we had to overnight in Osaka. 2:00pm the following day that plane was due to fly onto NY, I turned round a flew home, had missed my meetings. Still negotiating with Thai for a full redfund. So far their offer is 50% refund. Don't think I would consider flying them again for a while. TGhe
  6. Doggie, assume you have me down for all the games including the Catz Open, just reconfirming. Cheers
  7. Doggie, great job, put me down for all the games............. Cheers
  8. Doggie, great, thanks. please book me business class. I'm not sure if I'll bring Ms Bangkok, so for the time being please assume it's only me. If that changes I'll talk to you. Cheers
  9. You just want a bloody big hat to help keep your beer cold !! I'm bringing my clubs this year......... anything could happen !!
  10. Doggie, count me in 100%, sounds bloody great. Thanks for all the hard work in organising. Would appreciate peoples coments on the partners front. I'm tossing up about inviting a girl from Bangkok along for the few days, whats the view, is it a handbreak and spoils the fun for the others, or does it generally work out pretty good all round. She'll be happy to go with the flow I would suspect. I have plenty of time available both before and after this side trip in Pattaya so it's not all about bars and clubs. Interested in previous participants thoughts. Cheers
  11. Doggie, yep I'll be there for sure, if I can't get Hub to join the Bangladesh team I may have to play with the dark side again.......... we owe you and Pieman for that last hole travesty. Cheers Shirt size, large handicap 28 (ok 18)
  12. Doggie, a "tri nations" event would be good.....if we had the numbers, maybe a Southern Hemisphere team if we're struggling !! Not expecting any retention issues in the test match, but point taken. Cheers
  13. Hey Hub, did I hear you say you wanted to join the Bangladeshi team this year? (As) American's we had some trouble with the shear arse of at least one opponent, now colourful Pattaya identiity, (course manaement - funny bastard as well !! ) but as part of the Bangladesh outfit we have less sophisticated ways of fixing such problems for the 2005 season. I'll bring something to put in his Tetleys this year....... and I think his caddy will be one of the nice lads from Jenny Star bar which should keep him nervous for the full 18. Doggy, that barfine bet we ha
  14. Seat Guru does not cover Emirates, but good site for those airlines it does cover. Bascially same info............
  15. If your on a 777 this may help..... ring them and ask for a specific seat. Cheers http://www.seatexpert.com/_EK_772_3_class.html
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