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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. Out of all the trips I've taken to LOS, 7 have been on the red eye. The food is much better too when it came to breakfast. Sorry EVA but your dinners sucked. The only time I left in the afternoon, I was jetlagged for 2 days upon my arrival, and for a week on my return.
  2. The last time I was there, it seemed that EVERY guitarist played nothing but a Fender Stratocaster. Finally somebody is playing a Gibson. Not that Fender's are bad. It just seems like the majority of Thais like Strats. :
  3. Oh look what I found. https://www.facebook.com/PattayaAddictsForum
  4. Gabor, go listen to Justin Beiber then.
  5. If they ever went to war with Vietnam back in the 70s, LOS would have been under communist control, with all those antiquated aircraft. Most of the jet fighters are early USA cold war warriors.
  6. IMHO, they've been crap since about 2006. Bring yourself some good Trojans from home.
  7. thanks for your post and i have read both storys and they remind me of many stories i here from both sides thai and falaang yes most gils just want to make quick money then there is a few that have true feelings and wish for someone look after them and thee family forever, if i was to meet up and have a chat about my story it would open up many ideas as i have been going thailand for over 20 years

  8. Do I take it you're sending him to purgatory again?
  9. Didn't you say it was going to fly in 2007? Try 4 years, if I remember you starting this topic, that Tom had to resurrect, after I had asked you to rename it. Anyway, now the meat and potatoes will now occur, and we shall see if the claims are true that it has "20 percent greater fuel efficiency to operators than similarly sized planes."
  10. Joe, don't you know BigD is the pattaya talk resident know it all? nuff said.
  11. Mango, the Unions in private industry don't have the muscle like the ones in the public sector. After all Boeing union members don't get 90 to 110% of their salaries in pensions when they retire, like some of my old county cohorts.
  12. Here we go, now blaming Alan Mulaly, when he brought Ford back from the grave. Why don't you blame Harry Stonecipher, the exec that couldn't keep his dick in his pants, and his raunchy emails? Maybe Boeing should have given Alan the CEO position instead of McNearny.
  13. How about the unemployment line? That's a perfect place for them.
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