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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. Have fun to nigth all.. think of us that diddent make it this year..
  2. Hi Tim. He has a office at Pratumnak Hill between Soi 4 and Soi 5 at Tara Court. Just call to the offices or call him on 083 618 4449. http://www.solargolf.com/ Have a nice stay.
  3. I am on my plane this Monday. Really locking forward to it. Have fun and play safe..
  4. Hi Callum Norway is coming whit the National team this year. We are 4 persons and vi have hcp from 10 to 30. I while com back whit more details but count us in for 4 Persons. Looking forward to seeing you all in Ockt/Nov.
  5. What i was hoping for is a special price for thos from this board. VIP triatmrnt and vip price. Some free drinks or something. something??
  6. Hi Cerberus. I guess that this BM is vip?. Special price?. Se you next Month.
  7. Just remember to take a lot of pictures for the rest of us. Have fun.
  8. I new it. Cant wait for the pictures. And congratulations to the European team.
  9. Hi Doggie. Have bean home for 3 weeks now and hoping for a trip in Nov but don’t think i can make it. But while be down there in Jan next year four sure. Like to thank all off you guys how i played golf whit ant tuck a beer whit. Grate fun to meat you all and hoping for on more in November. Also say hello to the lovely We for me. Take care and have fun
  10. Hi Doggie. Any update son? While be leaving for Thailand in 4 days and i need to now your plans and how and when to get in touch whit you. Can’t wait to com over for some golf and ……. Hope to se you all son. Pls send me your phone number and when you while be in town.
  11. Hei Duece That’s god news. It’s too easy to win Doggie bath. Maybe I have some real competition now. Joust kidding Doggie. Its only 14 days before I am leaving. I am going to play some golf in Hua-Hin and River Kwai first. I have also bookt one night and 2 round her. Something for you Doggie? Very god prices. They pick us up in Bangkok and deliver I Pattaya ink 2 round and of golf and 1 night accommodation for 9700 bat. This is for 2 golfers. http://www.standrews2000golf.com/2004/promotion.html Locking forward to se you all for some golf and a little fun.
  12. Hi Doggie boy I while be in town the 10 of Feb and while be there until the 20-21 of Mars. I think I join the most of your program. I while stay in Thailand for 3 month so I am on a little budget. I tell you more when the time gets closer. Keep up the god work. By the way. I will stay at Areca Lodge. Have fun.
  13. Howe many minutes to go to 2 road? 1 km? Thanks. I have sent them a mail and askt for a prise for 5 weeks. 5 days sins and no answers.
  14. Music?? Anyone now if there is a bath bus rout there??. South pattaya Road , from 3 road?. Thanks
  15. Anyone tried this place? It locks nice and cheep. http://www.diamondcitypattaya.com/
  16. Have fun over their and pleas and use that camera.
  17. I hope some on took pictures of the caddis face when BK dropt his G-String.
  18. Com On let se some picks. Fuck, sleeping is all they can do.
  19. Well, to morrow is the big Game. Have fun to night and hope the start to morrow is not too early. Also have a grate time outdoors to morrow and take some picks for us. Have a grate party to moorov and have a beer or 10 for me to. Have fun
  20. Hi Doggie Have to agre about Springfield. Its the Course i have play most times in LOS. Have fun in November and be god to the Scandinavian. Make a HIO my Finnish friend. PS: don't fed him any finlandia.
  21. Hi It will by my pleasure to meat up for some golfing this winter. The first snow has already com to Oslo so i am planning this vintner trip. But sins I gone stay for 3 month I have to think before i us my money. So mouths to do and so little money. I am going to Cha Am and Hua hin first. Then River Kwai and some time in Bangkok. It can be an expensive trip I am not sure if i can join for more trips, but i have to wait and se. Just take a lot of picks for some fun TR and hopefully I se you again in feb/mars. By the way Doggie. Springfield is in Cha Am aria and not Pattaya as So
  22. Hi all I was hoping for a surprise entrance this year but now it’s for sure i can’t make it... But as it looks now I will be in Thailand from 20 Jan and 3 month and spend at least 2 in Pattaya. Hope I can meat up whit some of you for golf and fun. I was in the 2 first RHC and had some real fun time. So It’s no fun sitting hear and se the 4 RHC and not be there. Hoping for many funny pictures from the golfing and night show. Pleas, try to take some pictures off Doggie whit something new on his head. I am not sure that’s possible but maybe there is something he newer triad
  23. Did i say that??. Hmmm.... I think i have seen hear before. But this one from the first Cup. Whit thanks from the US.
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