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  1. Hey Everybody This week you can party with Inner Soul at the Samran Live Music Lounge. Tonight and Friday ......The show starts at 8:30 and anyone that 'Checks In' on Facebook before 9 pm will receive a 10% discount on their bill! Great Food in a Relaxed Atmosphere with Reasonable Drink Prices, away from the hassle of walking street!!!! After this Inner Soul will be beating it out Thursday through Sunday every week, along with our own Thai band that gets the girls up dancing.
  2. The Devil's Den will be closed on Sunday the 1st January 2017. We will reopen at our usual times on Monday the 2nd January 2017. This is to allow the Imps to recover from their debauchery on New Year's Eve.
  3. I have seen things going on in Pandora's that caused me to blush, friendly without a doubt, in some cases folk end up happy as well
  4. Do not know if you were there but what a great night, if you were, thank you. I know you had a great night and it was still going full pelt . If you were not there, why not? A great night out and a great price point you cannot better, a fraction of the the price of WS and twice the fun.
  5. No not as of yet, as it has not been needed. When "Inner Soul' truly kick off we will look at having our own Tuktuk. Right now Baht buses run the length of third road though. You can find us here;
  6. I hear you, if I send you the raws can you do the editing and posting on youtube for me? Please
  7. Well the deals done; INNER SOUL Will be featuring at Samran from this Wednesday 4 nights a week, to start with The band will be covering such as Reggae, Rhythm & Blues, Motown, Top 40 amongst other stuff On Trombone we have; With a solid bass brother from Jamaica They are supported by a mean drummer And to add some cool keyboard with a voice to go with it With main vocals supplied by the gorgeous Marina 8.30pm till 11pm starting Wednesday through Sunday, (Not Saturday t
  8. He did I sent around for another half rack when he started gnawing the bones 555
  9. On the second floor of Big C North there used to be a printing shop with a girl that was red hot on the software and would follow your design instruction and ofthe print them there that day. Bit more expensive but at times worth it. Now It is Central Mariana and they are no longer there does anyone know where they relocated to or of a similar printers?
  10. Well I couldn't resist so the other evening I went to the Den Via Soi LengKee and found myself parking outside Smokin' Joe's. I have no intention of talking about the service other than in passing, nor the decor. I am going to stick to the.......Ribs I have obviously eaten ribs in pattaya on several occasions sometimes as a meal and sometimes at an all you can eat ribs buffet. Not once have I found somewhere I would return to, sometimes I have just paid then got up and left others I have struggled through the first few and decided it was enough and left. Leaving was the only t
  11. If you want the source; http://www.scrap-metal-art-thailand.com/
  12. The Devil's Den is. I am not a very humourous man, in the last month I had cause to visit virtually all the gogos on Soi LK Metro due to visiting friends from abroad. Having been here long enough to realise that things can change weekly we stopped off in most of the gogo's on each of the three occasions, Pandora's line up was in the top 3 on the Soi and 1st as regards girl's interaction on each visit. I cannot speak for what you have heard in the past only what we found on the days we were there.
  13. Pandora's has consistently best line up on the Soi and after few LD drinks the girls become very-very interactive.
  14. Foodland, American grade 5, we are known to the guys there and so they cut two full ones for my selection and then we showed him the thickness we wanted. He was moving the knife by mms so I had to take it from him and show him where to cut. They were good steak though as said pricey.
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