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  1. what reason you give in for for 30 days extension in jomtien is it tm7 form + photo + copy of visa and passport? thx
  2. Hi, Can we list some weights gyms in Jomtien / Thepprasit rd. area ? I go witch one: Paragon gym, near Kiss resteurant, opposite market = 800THB month, its like outside, so be hot there... I would like info on some small gyms in area, and witch air con. thanks
  3. There is BJJ at Fairtex, its new so small classes I think... but worth a try anyone doing it ?
  4. Hi, any review on Glden Glory gym? I plan join them but just saw apparently they got bad rep. any reasons?
  5. i didnt slag off anyone asking and talking serious u go through it again only ppl saying shit like u clever, ur gf clever, and silly talks.......... so i dont know what u on about i give all answers for serious questions...
  6. thx sorry 4 my language My first lang. is polish :) Was it theory thing in english ? no probs. with communication/language ?
  7. so what do I need to get res. cert. photo, passport, and some bill from my gf condo enough ? thx
  8. i neede to know i can get bike licence on turist visa :) ??? and get that certificate somehow
  9. what visa u got ? u got perm. adress? like ur own condo in ur name ?
  10. DTAC vs TRUE H vs 3GX http://www.dtac.co.t...et-package.html http://truemoveh.tru...smart/entry/594 or http://truemoveh.tru.../inet/entry/583 http://www.i-mobile3...gx_prepaid1.php Which one cheaper for internet? they all 42mbps so i guess similar I am on DTAC now, pay 399+vat for 1 GB I am thinking about TOT's 3GX looks cheaper 100bath gets 500mb 399THB gets 2500MB do u get calling credit when u top up 3gx and internet on top of it ? where to get top ups in pattaya? and sim ? or should I stay with DTAC and wait thier TriNet thing ? trinet is 3g or 4g ? Thx
  11. Yes its good for thai gf works there or get a 1 thai staff pay salary thays how it works now. Acctually its possible get work permit on exchange box cuz i saw russian woman working in box in Phuket she had one but her employer was some big company.
  12. Why the f. Its matters for u where im from mate? What this got to do witch exchange box? I am polish but i live in watford, now u buy box? For all u thinking currency exchange is not profitable u better thing again, or google it or something. The box in high seson makeing 4-5 times more then 7/11
  13. ok i try that :) apparentely certificat is free of charge, but well thy still charge :)
  14. what agency do that ? cant use gf adress? if bring her electric bill or something?
  15. Hi, can I get residency certificat from immigration, on a turist multi entry visa :) i stay gf condo, she owns it... got bank acc. if thats helps i need it for bike licence..... thx
  16. Hi, I am thinking about my gf birthday present for next month (august) I think instead buing her another bag, I book airasia flight for us My choices are Singapoore or Kuala Lumpur as same price about 10 000thb for 2 of us Just want know some details as I never been there, she never been almost anywhere. And I dont want ask her cuz its supposed to bu surprise. Where is nicer, like more exciting for young people, better clubs, bars, may b beach Alcohol no problem in KL? I am more for Singapoore as I read some reviews. Question is about visas for thais? does she need to apply for visa before? how long it takes? can get visa on airport? we just go few days. I stay in thailand on turist multientry, my first entry expires on 13 august, I think I can extend for 30 days in jomtien emmigration, then 22 aug. go Singapoore, back thailand 28, means my second thai visa entry will activate? I am on polish passport (poland), hpw I can find out what visa I need or not need? Any one knows some not expensive hotel in Singapoore in good area? any good clubS? thx for info
  17. Its proves nothing. She opens 2 more boxes one by mimosa and its expensive. Is that proves that this business is good? To me its best type of business here, i xant even think about anything bettter... And cant even bother with silly talks, i told that last person.
  18. Ur brain is not right How aboutbif she got loans already and credit cadrs to pay off? oh and pay for cars and condos and houses i forgot, so why whould she want one more loan ? and shes got few businesses, so its up to her what she does with it please dont talk or ask silly stuff, or try be smart. I sell business, and give as much info as u need, dont ask why sell, this and that...
  19. Ur brain is not right How aboutbif she got loans already and credit cadrds to pay off?
  20. But dont get too excited its low seson now. But still making profits everyday more or less...
  21. 100000 month but its oossible to make more depends. Same road just bith feather she manage get 200000 month in high seson. Its like making 10 000 day
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