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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. Moby69, Speaking for Team USA we are saddened to hear you will not be in attendance and have taken no offence to the above comment. In fact we do hope that come your next trip all your barfines are as lovely as the one below recently barfined by one of your fellow countrymen . A beauty like this should help minimize the feeling of agony at the pit of your stomache caused by the American win at the Rideher Cup this year. Cheers , BigKev
  2. Doggie, I'm for Pattana on the 11th. Sounds like it would be a great time. Cheers , BigKev
  3. Hilly, Congratulations on the win and thanks for the great report. Had heard good things about this course and nice to hear them comfirmed by you. Cheers , BigKev
  4. Doggie, What tees would a post-op drive from ? Only asking because I am not sure how far some will go to better their score or have their score bettered for them . Cheers , BigKev
  5. Brian, Far cheaper to simply buy a new one from family with too many children and not enough dosh . Pm me if you want the name of a family currently giving good deals. Do so soon if interested, three of the five children are already accounted for to Bundy Stakes entries . Cheers , BigKev
  6. Doggie, Fornicator will need clubs for the 4th, 7th, 14-16th. Right handed. Please get the floating models for when he throws them in the lake. Since he will be using a 36 handicap and wearing a dress does that mean he needs ladies clubs and gets to tee off from the reds? Also would that allow for immediate employment at the Jenny Star Bar? If so please email him directly to coordinate the color of his dress with the shaft color of both the clubs and potential BF's. You know how the ladies are they always want to be coordinated!! Cheers , BigKev
  7. For the First one - "Mmmmm B-52's straight from the tap !! For the second - " No Steve!! It's mine let go!!" Cheers, BigKev
  8. I assume Greg and I are on the list. You know our pairing preference. Cheers, BigKev ps Is Duncan ( second photo in Pie's post all the way on the left) playing in the golf days this year? Quite the nice guy and I am not sure if he is a boardie or not.
  9. Deuce, I'm just glad I had been dieting and gotten down to my fighting weight for this picture . White sheep or Black sheep ? Whats your preference ? Cheers , BigKev ps Thanks for the girls pic. Thought I had finally lost my mind when I logged on after seeing it and the entire original post had disappeared . Remember Bundy Bundy !!
  10. Deuce, Nice job but I liked your first English picture better . Cheers , BigKev
  11. Doggie, Hows it feel to be the girl with fours guys waiting to pay her bar ? Great job putting together the first SOLD OUT Rideher Cup !! Cheers , BigKev
  12. Dungy, Well done . As I said in the Rideher thread America is happy to welcome its brothers from Bangladesh. I, in particular, am quite happy since I will need help pulling up my shorts after my tee shots look like my putz which as all can tell from the photo is not to long . Cheers , BigKev ps Bundy Bundy love and kisses from the gelding .
  13. Justice for all those who have been spoofed by Lobin!!
  14. For a first time trip book the Areca. Period end of story been there 6 of my 8 trips so far. Central to everything, nice rooms, safe, secure, and no issues with credit card fraud that I have ever seen reported on the board or experienced myself. Cheers , BigKev ps When is your trip?
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