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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. Hey I wanted to thank all the BM's for coming into the Dollhouse last night on the FLB pub crawl. I hope everyone got home ok :) Please do come in tonight for the party.
  2. Yeah Cafe New Orleans has Philipinno food. I think all thier chefs are Philippino/a as well.
  3. Just for your body. Health insurance to fix damage to your body from a motor bike accident. They sell it here. Same place that does the expat clubs insurance. I got 1 million (Loss of Life, Hearing or Speech or Permanant Disability), Medical expense per accident 100,000, Temporaray Disabilty 1,000 per week It's not much and it's only for an accident but better than nothing.
  4. I just renewed my Thai Health through the expats club group plan. Last year I just had a single policy with Thai health. I originally had a policy with NSI but after registering at all the hospitals I found that the only Insurance they ALL except is Thai health. That changes year to year depending on what aggreements they have with different Insurance companies. If you ride a motorbike you will need sublimental insurance as Thai Health, Bupa and NSI don't cover motorbike accidents. My motorbike insurance is through QBE and is 4,500B a year.
  5. Can't go wrong with Asus. Great quality machines. I have 2 Dell laptops here. An XPS2 Gaming laptop that never leaves the desk and an Inspiron 700m that ways a few pounds, that I take everywhere with me. They are both great laptops. Have had a few friends here buy Acers and they seem to be real happy with them. They bought them at Tukom.
  6. What exactly is unsecure about it ? NTFS volumes have no fragmentation, and therefore never need defragmentation? Would that be true of an NTFS drive that is say...75% full ?
  7. I second the sportsman. Been 3 times and they turn around at the border was always less than 30 mins. Plus the breakfast is great.
  8. Gary I'd be intersted in hearing about those ETF's. Could you tell us some more or PM me if you are so inclined. Thanks.
  9. Anyone know if they sell Adams Idea A1 Hybrids, MacGregor V-Foil M455 or Ben Hogan BH5 in Bangkok ? I couldn't find them in any of the stores in Pattaya and I wanted to try them out before I buy Wilson DI5 which I demo-ed and liked. I'm a brand new golfer, just learning to swing properly and Doghaus set me up with an instructor and he (the instructor) told me that I should get a set of clubs now but the Callaways and Ping's etc. that they have in Pattaya are 40k just for the iron sets.
  10. Rhoel there is : Thai Health, Bupa and NSI I went with Thai Health after physically checking at all the hospitals in Pattaya about which hospitals have contracts with which Insurance companies. I initially went with NSI, because they have the most coverage. I then went to two hospitals that they did not have contracts with and cancelled my policy. The only company with contracts with all the local hospitals was Thai Health (as of November of last year). Goto www.aainsure.net The guy that I worked with is an Englishman named Joe. He can show you all the policies available to you and guide you in the right direction. Hope you get your dilemma resolved.
  11. Electric for me (a 7b KWH) -800-4,500b Motorbike Rental - 3,500b Laundry (have live in) - 2-3000b Cell phone (1-2 Call Cards) - 1500-2000b Drinks (250-1000b @ day) - 7,500b - 30,000b Cigarettes (55-110) - 1,650b - 3,300b and misc shopping...up to you EDIT: Just relooked at his figures. I'm spending a bit more on some things a bit less on others. 80,000 should be pretty easy to live off though. I know alot of people here living on 30-50k a month. If they had an extra 30k a month I'm sure they'd find a way to spend it.
  12. Badtz

    the visa run

    Just did my visa run today with 5*. Stupid me thought I could sleep on the minibus so I stayed up till 3:30am and slept 2 hours. DUMB. I think the shocks on those vans are about 100 years old. Felt like a rollercoaster the whole way. All in all it was pretty painless though. I'd recomend 5* at The Sportsman to anyone. Very professional and quick. Breakfast and lunch were good as well. 2400b and that includes your 800b Cambodia stamp. Could they make those cambodia visas any bigger ? Takes up a whole damn page. Haha..
  13. The first thing I do now in a new room in Pattaya is take the filters out of the air con and wash them by hand in the shower. One look at the Air con filters here and it's no wonder everyone gets a sore throat or lung infection. I have several friends that have nasty lung infections right now. The air con filters and car/motorbike fumes are tough on your lungs/throat. If you do get a lung infection get down to boots and get Strepsils-Chesty Cough. They only sell it at boots and pharmacies. The other strepsils you get at 7-11 and Freindship don't seem to work too well-for me at least. It costs 28 baht. Also don't be scared to go into any of the Thai clinics you see on any street. The doctors only charge you for the medicine. the consultations are free. I got pnemonia here this year and it was absolutely no joke. I ended up with a series of 4 Antibiotic Injections, 10 days of oral antibiotics, steroids, Antihistimeine, Cough Suppressent, and an anti muculant. Total Cost 800b and 4 doctor visits (free). Needless to say I am a big fan of Thai Clinics. I should have gone in at the first signs instead of self medicating and waiting 5 days.. Pound of cure, ounce of prevention....
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