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  1. Went in there a while ago and ordered a Jim Beam with Sprite. A usual drink for me. Drink came and it was NOT Jim Beam. Have only been drinking the stuff for 15 years so I do know what it tastes like. Complained that the drink was not what I ordered so the waitress comes back with a Jim Beam bottle. Could tell from the smell that Sangtip or something else had been substituted for the real thing. Check bin and see you! Haven't been back since. Cheers
  2. The insurance offered by the dealers is usually the cheapest crap available and not worth the cost IMHO. Go to a good agent and they can usually offer a number of policys. I use the agent above Fair Properties ( go through the Fair Properties office and then take the stairs up to the second or third floor) and which is located just before Royal Garden on the opposite side of Second Road. Tooie speaks good English and understands the fine print in Thai. A great combination! Cheers
  3. I sometimes have that problem when I'm using a really slow connection like at one of the cheap internet cafes! Yes, you should save everything to the clipboard before you send the message but if you forget to save it first, you can try Control - Z. to go back one level. It seems to work about half the time! Cheers
  4. Hi Pete, Had to laugh a bit when I read your comments about "breakfast". I know that we are all different, but for me, breakfast is normally eaten around 7 AM unless I have been out mongering the night before. But even then, I normally SSSS ( the extra S standing for "Shag" ) and am finished with breakfast by 10 AM. Maybe there are others like myself for whom a 10 AM starting time will never get my "Breakfast" trade? But having said all of the above, I would dearly like to find more venues that are indeed open for breakfast. Especially something that leans toward an "American"
  5. I have spent a lot of time in the Philippines and would consider it if I could find a decent place to live by the sea. Manila and AC suck! But being an older guy, I'm looking for good hospitals and a good internet. Not easy to find in the PI. Cheers
  6. You know, the way that you spend your time varies from person to person. But, if you get bored easily at home or wherever you live, you will probably get bored living in Pattaya, or wherever you choose to live. I have enough outside interests so that I never am bored and anyone else who is not usually bored won't be in Pattaya either! You may have to change your lifestyle minimally but there is always plenty to do. The hard thing is finding time to just sit and relax a bit! Just my MHO! Cheers
  7. Telling the truth is the best resort. I told them I was planning on retiring in Thailand and so I needed the O isa while I was looking for a condo to buy. Cheers
  8. This is a joke, right? I have a hard time believing that a sober person would rent a shop with absolutely no plan about what he is going to do with it. But I still have a hard time believing that foreigners come to Pattaya and fall in love with a girl in less than a weeks time. But that happens all the time! Cheers
  9. From the US, the easiest way to get your retirement visa is to get an O visa from the Thai Conculate and then come here for the rest. I made the mistake of paying for a Multiple entry O visa in the States and after I got the retirement Visa , the Multiple entry aspect was canceled. So I had to get a new Multiple entry stamp here. $45 down the drain! Cheers
  10. I'm going to be bringing a Filipina girl to Thailand. They can get the normal 30 day Visa on entry and by doing 2 Visa runs, can extend their stay to 90 days. Anyone had any experience in having them stay longer? I have heard that if you marry them, they can stay on your Visa but I would prefer to have her stay without taking such drastic measures. Any ideas guys? Cheers
  11. She doesn't have time to work a second job at a clinic. I was appalled at the number of hours that she puts in at PI. Cheers
  12. I've been a subscriber to UBC or as it is now known, True Vision for a number of years now. I have always felt that American sports were shortchanged on UBC and now that my subscription is over, I'm looking for an alternative that has lots of American sports. Anyone know of such a service? I'm sure there has to be a satellite service somewhere that would fill my needs but haven't found it yet. Anyone know of such a beast? Cheers
  13. Stevoman, Thanks but I think you are describing the Cafe New Orleans mentioned above. Cheers
  14. Hi Ruskiehat, I agree with you 100%. I'm not a big fan of Filipino food by a long shot but this young lady is really young (but legal) and hasn't had too much experience in living away from home. Her parents house has no electricity and the way they keep from getting sick is by cooking the hell out of everything at a high (boiled in oil ) type temperature until it's literally cooked to death. I tried to give her some nice poached salmon, for example, and while it was fine for me, she had to go back and fry it until it was brown! But now that she's been here for a few weeks, she is beg
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