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  1. But double the price of some places. I use Hollywood Dental on Soi Lenkee.
  2. A word of warning to anyone driving past the works after having your car washed. Mine got sprayed with mud requiring another wash. Not happy.
  3. I've just finished the 19th Jack Reacher book. All great reads. If you like Bernard Cornwell try the Excalibur trilogy, an amazing insight into 8th century England. Topical at the moment is "The Making of the Atomic Bomb" by Richard Rhodes. A fascinating mix of science and history.
  4. Lazada are very good i have bought 20+ items from them. The only problem is hanging around waiting for delivery. I would never buy anything big from Aliexpress, just asking for trouble.
  5. Those condos blocks down 2nd road look pretty grim. With many Russians not coming now what's the betting that some don't get finished.
  6. Thanks Putin, they certainly won't be missed. I see many with babies and little children around town. I mean who flies 4-5,000 miles for a children's holiday to Pattaya ?
  7. What annoys me is most won't quote you a fixed price it's 500-1,000 baht. Some places like dentist @ beach will charge you the full price even for a simple clean.
  8. I always ask for a set amount of gas 100 for the bike, 1000 for the car. I watch the meter while he fills and give him the exact money. Only way to stop this thief.
  9. The "Oldies" night was great, i stayed all evening. Will be back every Tuesday. IMO good music is just as important as good girls, beer etc.
  10. The Nexus 10 beats the ipad hands down in every area, and you retain your sanity by not having to use iTunes.
  11. I think the new pumps have helped at least you can see the figures on the pump. Before they were so dim it was hard to see what they showed. I always make sure it reads zero before they start pumping.
  12. I miss the seats along beach road. It's OK to walk down but nowhere to sit!! Was that done so the girls can not sit either.
  13. Another option is firefox with the media hint add on. Works fine to view BBC iplayer etc. Easy and free.
  14. Eaten there a few times. Always thought the food was good and good value.
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