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  1. Wow. Lightning fast responses on this board. One last question. Is smoking allowed in the rooms? thanks
  2. Thanks for the quick reply. Any idea about if there is a second joiner fee?
  3. I heard that there was a problem with the speed of the wifi. Has this been fixed? Also how much is the charge? Some hotels don't have a problem with bringing a guest but will charge for a second. I like taking 2 girls (sometimes more) back to my room. thanks for your help
  4. I'm in complete agreement with the "sure thing" comment. Every trip on my last night, I will have 2 eden girls in my hotel room. They take care of me that night and in the morning. I always leave thailand completely drained.
  5. Your in luck Davieboy. Ton is working Hell pattaya. I just saw her a couple of days ago
  6. That's bad news about a fee for more than 1 girl. I like to bring more than 1 most of the time. I just confirmed my reservation but maybe I need to rethink staying here. thanks for the info
  7. For the suite it is 2500 and 3000 for double. This is what is states on the website. I know that for some hotels, you should book double so that you don't have problems bringing guests.
  8. Hi all, I'm probably going to try this place. But I had a couple of questions. Since this place is girl friendly, should I just book the single rather than the double and save 500 baht? I'm having trouble with my wireless. Does this place use a wired network connection in the room? BTW. This is my first post here. Great information from everyone. Thanks. I'm due to arrive June 8. Hope to meet some of you. Dude
  9. I'm also thinking of staying at the marriott next month. It has just about everything I want, High end hotel, guest friendly, high speed internet. I've researched the net for prices but they all seem about the same. Does someone know which has the lowest price?
  10. This topic has been moved to [link=http://www.freelancerbar.com/cgi-bin/yabb/YaBB.pl?board=Gendis;action=display;num=1038741805;start=0]The Members' Bar[/link] by PattayaPete.
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