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  1. Anybody interested in fishing smaller boat Mar. 2, 3 or 4 with me please send me a PM. Ken, I'll get in touch with you, agree on best time, but it is when I'll be there. Wind a big consideration also. Isn't that the boat the FLB used to charter?
  2. Is anybody up to date with fishing charters in the area? I have a slot booked with Pattaya Sports Club on one of the "big" boats but I would like to find a smaller outboard type charter also. Apparently an outfit called Vision Marine has, or had, that type but I sent email and and haven't gotten a return, which tells me a lot in itself. I'm used to running some distance out in the Gulf of Mexico to fish the oil rigs on smaller outboards and like the ability to move and move rather quickly. I'll be down from Udonthani the 1st week in March and if anybody has any info I would certainly appr
  3. I think for most prescription drugs such as amoxicillian and other antibiotics Thailand will be cheaper, especially if generic. Also, usually the pharmacy will be cheaper than the hospital. You should, if at all possible try to get from a place that has been recommended by someone using the products sold there. I read not long ago that there was a raid with a bunch of impostor drugs found, in Bangkok I believe. I've had to buy antibiotics on several occasions, chronic sinuous, and they were cheaper than if I had paid the deductible from my insurance back in the states. I'm not sure how that wo
  4. WHO IS ELIGIBLE FOR SSI ? Anyone who is: aged (age 65 or older); blind; or disabled. And, who: has limited income; and has limited resources; and is a U.S. citizen or national, or in one of certain categories of aliens; and In general, an alien who is subject to an active warrant for deportation or removal does not meet the citizenship/alien requirement. is a resident of one of the 50 States, the District of Columbia, or the Northern Mariana Islands; and is not absent from the country for a full calendar month or more than 30 consecutive days; and applies fo
  5. I switched to China Air several years ago, when NWA started raising it prices and charging 5usd a beer on even international flights. While NWA has an outstanding FF program China Air's FF program flat sucks. You will never get a free flt unless you book a bunch at "regular" fare. All that being said, China Air does have nice lounge, good eye candy, usually the cheapest flights, along with good flight times. NWA has the menopause group and lands at midnight. I figure the money I saved over the years earned me at least one "free" flight. China Air's website has always had the best prices, but s
  6. The tech just changed the settings on my modem, and now with the outstanding, tremdous, stupendous, great premium package, lo and behold will wonders ever cease I have exactly the fucking same! 0.88 Mb/s download speed enabling me to download an 800Mb movie in only 123 minutes. He checked the speed, said everything ok and split. Just gotta' luv it. I will give it exactly 24 hours to improve considerable and then back to 3bb and no more mister nice guy.
  7. Went to the 3bb shop this pm, the young lady there says pro only good for connection inside LOS, and yes I know I had already seen the speed test. At any rate, we will try for one month on premier, assuming that is what we actually get this time, and if I don't like it we will switch to pro. The lady says we have to change modem/router and they will be here tomorrow, I'm not holding my breath. This is the same lady that doesn't smile when we first went to shop and was anything but helpful back in Nov. When the owner of our subdivision called the next day she was in the subdivision office with
  8. We were supposed to have the 10 Mb, tested it before I left last Jan. and while it wasn't what it was claimed, as I remember speed was ok and I have lost the test. When I got back I noticed that downloads seemed slower and when I saw this post I decided to check. Crap, not even 1 Mb. Speedtest listed me as Maxnet in Khon Kaen, kinda close, 3BB in Udonthani. Anyway, it appears from what the wife says she has been paying we ended up with the Indy so now have to call and start dealing with them again, oh what a headache. It took 3 weeks just to get internet installed, up and running last time (th
  9. RWB

    New Car

    Thanks for an interesting thread. I'm also looking at small car purchase in the next few months. Have to get really settled in and find out how much spare baht I'll have when all the retirement, SS, etc is added up and the reoccuring bills are subtracted. I considered a PU, I've owned one (Chevy 4X4) for many years, but too much room in the back. I really don't want to be the family taxi. 18 days and a seabag drag, one way.
  10. I departed, very sadly, 8 Sept. Scanning was immediately after immigration exit area. There wasn't a big crowd and it went pretty quick. No scan before entering the gate area as before. A big crowd would cause a big delay, but, and I'm sure someone will be more than glad to correct me if wrong, I believe there is more than one immigration exit area. 10 weeks and I'm not counting, absolutely not counting, not counting, counting, counting
  11. RWB

    Hot Hot Hot

    Same same in Udonthani. My elec/h2o bill was 1300bht last month sure to be higher this. The wife, who never had aircon and both kids spend all their indoor time in the bedroom with the a/c on, I get a good laugh out of it. the kids do their best to use all the water in Udon. I'll be back in Udon in 3 weeks, and when I return to the states it will be the same here for the next 3 months. Thailand isn't hot to me, born and raised in SE Texas/Gulf Coast, hot and humid. We never had a/c until well after I was grown and gone, mom and dad bought a couple window units when I was well into my 20's.
  12. China has had some good prices for awhile, but notice carefully there are NO miles and no upgrades. I got a Houston/BKK via SFA back through LAX rnd trip 1104usd, but N class (60%miles, no seat selection). I couldn't find the class listed anywhere until after I booked. Got notification in Chinese, but "class N" was in english. I did get to pick my seats though because I have Gold Card. It sounds like some of those 747's maybe the old style? Only one movie screen, like the one from swampi to TPE. Now that would be a 12hr drag. Or, maybe with the new class seats, that for these prices you c
  13. As of today, Nok is listing Udonthani to Don Muang 1183 baht in May. My best guess would be that they will be flying to swampi. I'll probably try to call this weekend, can't be any worse than trying to call Air Asia. Nok did drop a direct Udonthani to Chaing Mai flt a couple of years ago that we were booked on and rerouted us at no extra charge. I don't believe they will be going belly up anytime soon.
  14. RWB

    Air Asia

    Well it is al least somewhat comforting to know that I'm not alone in my efforts to contact Air Asia. They must have working numbers, internet to do business, just hide them from the public I guess. I will continue the effort to contact, but it may be that I will have to try to recover the money for my canceled flight when I get back in May, I'll have a few hours to kill in swampy. Air Asia has the best flight for me to Udonthani. usually cheaper than Nok, don't have to take cab from swampy to Don Muang and with my arrival time gets me to Udon about 2hrs earlier. Maybe if I git me one
  15. Does anybody have a working phone number or email address for Air Asia? The ones on their website don't seem to work, at least for me.
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