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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. Booked Etihad in the end £454 . Qatar had some good prices but all gone when a final date was desided without the promotonal rates rocketed up to well over £700 thanks for the suggestions.
  2. Ticket prices are all over the place at the moment the difference a few days can make to prices.When the recent half term was on some flight prices doubled ie full price. Finally booked with Etihad for mid november at £454 on a 6 month ticket and nearly all carriers are doing 30kg luggage now.
  3. £454 Etihad 6 month ticket mid november booked saturday
  4. Last week drove up to Hull with the forms filled in,having emailed the day before for an appointment with an reply 2 hours later for a time the next day.Place empty no wait.In out 15 mins job done double entry tourist visa.
  5. I usually fly Eva but there are no decent offers about at the moment.So its down to an indirect with Jet,Qatar, or Etihad got the price down to £500 and reasonable layovers. So which airline to choose? Anyone have any recommendations. I will book later today.My son says Qatar.
  6. Used several barbers on soi buakhao and the sois off. Many will offer wet shaves, massage face and shoulders, ear cleaning etc
  7. I was always wairy of that pier it had been patched so many times and still looked like a death trap not sorry when it was taken down.
  8. Haven't eaten there for a few years,but haven't been to Thailand recently either! I started eating there on my first trip 2003 and whilst not everything on the menu is great there are some excellent items my all time favourite is the chicken and ginger. Can't agree with the service.As I always am well looked after.Some of the service guys have worked there 15+ years. Its equally popular with Thais which is unusual,
  9. Used to eat here often but now go to a slightly more expensive place with with the same kind range of food but a few important extras like fresh pork steak,french fries,thai sausage,mini spring rolls,and just better all round generally plus live music.I'm not saying xactly where but its up second road past Big C.
  10. Another option is shes changed the sim card.Quiet common as some special deals from some companies on call rates and indeed signal strength.Won't help you though.A further option is the phones been stolen/lost.
  11. For 1-2 days Koh Samet is ideal if you want longer certainly try Koh Chang. For good information and recommendations try iamkohchang.com for a cynical but realistic view of the area.Personally I like Koh Chang so much I bought property there earlier in the year.Try Oodies for live music and The Bay for seafood both are well known venues.
  12. Finalised my flight with West east this morning. Total of £417 leaving next monday evening staying for 2 months. Flying Thai Air and includes ongoing flight and return to and from Udon Thani. Easily the best deal I have had in 5 trips. Unfortunately the deal ends today,maybe something similar will replace it.
  13. E mailed West east myself yesterday. Can get a special offer flight out in about a week no problem but can't get me back (2 month stay).Will phone on monday.
  14. Bought ticket to BKK at an Air Asia desk/stall in a Udon hypermarket end of last year for a little under 1000b to fly in 3 days time.No problems at all good service would use them again and with more notice price was around 600b.
  15. Moving to Thailand on a semi permanent basis later this year,and would like to have my own power boat.I've heard you need to be registered and no doubt there are other issues I'm not aware of.Anyone have any information?Particularly about the use of the storage/launching area near the new pier in Pattaya.
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