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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. How much are you knocking your gear out for?
  2. lol 300 ,how tough are these pissed up ,half asleep motosai guys anyway? ive never seen them in ong bak
  3. Great. What does that say on your avatars tit (if it is a tit,ive had a few scoops today & my eyes are facing the wrong way)? edit ...is it My Nom?
  4. The real torres turned his back on his fan's & skulked off down south for the money to pastures new ,only to find the grass is not alway's greener... I believe that the Torres on here knew the cunt real torres was going to turn his back on the fan's & club that loved him , wanted f'all to do with his name ...might have been better just to plead ask for a name change ,though that has it's own problem's also
  5. is this the bloke that looks like Daley Thompson?Ex cop who's daughter was had off by harris too?
  6. Lol ...Ok take the C*nt out of it & stop being a **** .Take the advice from the member's here then ,as i said to you before you are wasting your money ... Lends a tenner
  7. Ok have it your way ,you have alway's been a stubborn cunt...Do it then ,your wonga to flit away ,I don't care anymore.
  8. If it stop's everyone moaning about the 'British foosball type Hoogilans' I would welcome them
  9. Loved that also,I have watched the video many times & I reckon Kenny tell's him to 'Fuck off' as he walks back into his technical area ,even if he did'nt he should've. Looking good for a very exciting end to the season,many clubs still in the mix re:Winners,relegated & euro places --interesting stuff
  10. They did show it ,you must've been crying into your cocoa at the time & missed it. You are right though it was onside,as an LFC fan I was hoping for an Arse win myself Wenger has become the biggest whinging ,dummyspitting manager the Prem has ever seen ,even out moaning Fergie these days.
  11. The 8 mins were added on for a second half injury to Liverpool's Jamie Carragher,therfore a "minimum" of 8 mins were added to the second half of play. The first half has it's own time added if time has been lost. The referee was right ,you are not.
  12. A friend to the stars...I think you would like him, he has one of your new found friends (on here) tied in knots whenever they engage in debate.
  13. I can't figure out how you got to 20 mins extra-time after 45mins play-confusing me that. It's irrellevant how many times it's happened ,although you must have heard of "Fergie-time" What's important is that the Referee played it by the book & suspended time at the appropriate times during the added extra-time & allowed the game to be played out to the full alloted 8 mins added extra-time. Well done Andre mariner
  14. You are referring to the Arsenal - liverpool game ,yes? Nothing bizzare about it, as explained here:
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