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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. had any offers yet ? how much do you want for it ?
  2. you had this up for sale a few months ago didnt you , if you dont mind me asking did you have any interest at all? .i thought it would have been snapped up. i see the same condos advertised month after month i wonder is anyone buying them? i own one in jomtien but i dont want to sell it at the moment. yours looks good and a fair price imo.
  3. i bought a condo in jomtien 18 months ago and although i have stayed in it for my last 3 holidays i want to come over for longer periods of time soon and need to get it refurbed . i wondered if any bms had experience with any of this i need the floor tiled approx 58 sq metres i need wallpaper stripped off and walls painted and coving i want a new bathroom suite and retiled bathroom and a few new kitchen units and a bit of retiling in there. maybe a false ceiling with some spotlights in as well. i could do a lot of it myself as im going to have plenty of time soon, but if the rates are
  4. i fly china from bham i upgrade to dynasty you leave from local airport to ams on a small city hopper plane normal seat . you can access the lounge on your way out from ams and on your return from bkk airport, though when your back at ams you cannot get back into the lounge.good flight and excellent price i would recomend. also its worth registering for the air miles if you plan on doing a few trips i have 40000 miles at the moment with one more trip that should give me enough for a free upgrade the next time.
  5. i just bought a condo in november in jomtien and david gray of east coast was the agent handling the sale i would reccomend him he did everything he said he would on time and was very helpful and yeah he is on 2nd road almost opposite the rg plaza
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