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    Golf, Food & Women ........ But not necessarily in that order !
  1. Yes, in July 2007 I had a Heria operation at the Bangkok Pattaya Hospital. The operation cost 75,000.- Baht, my Health Insurance paid for eveything. Spent one night in a 5 star room, my girlfriend was able to stay with me, excellent service.
  2. I live very close to the Pussy Cat Bar, and have taken girls home to my house. Never had any problems there ......... However when handing over a 500 Baht Note, or a 1000 Note, I ALWAYS say the amount out loud in Thai that others can hear, as I do when I am out shopping too !
  3. No restuarant is perfect, but PBG has always been a favorite of mine, the staff / managers have always been helpful. Sometimes there is the odd problem, and you may have to wait quite some time for your food, so I try to go before 7pm !! On another note my nephew trained at the Savoy in London, now a self employed in Sydney. When drinks were served with a slice of Lemon at the Savoy, and the glass was returned to the Bar the slice of Lemon disappeared into the next customers glass .......... Yes ! Only exception is when the Lemon was used in a glass of Coke, as the Lemon changes colour
  4. derycolin

    New Car

    Two years ago this month, I went to the Honda Dealership near the Bangkok Pattaya Hospital, with a view to buying a new Honda Jazz. However at that time there was a 3 month waiting list for the Jazz. Also on the showroom was a Honda City ZX, not the present model, I took an instant liking to the car a few days later the car was mine for 650,000.- baht ! It turns out that the boot of the City is bigger than the Jazz allowing me to get 4 golf bags ++, the Jazz will only take 3 bags unless you fold down the back seat. So in my case I did not have to wait, I just took the car in the showroom.
  5. Met up at Bobby's Eat all you Want on Soi Diana. Never a dull moment, always something to laugh about. Then off to Plutaluong Golf club, where we NEVER have to wait to get started, and its even fun when you don't win ! After the game a bite to eat and a drink. Another enjoyable day out ! Derycolin
  6. Going on 50 then Terry, I can remember when I was your age ! I'm still going strong at 62, see you on Sunday. Derycolin
  7. Another day of fun golf was has by all .......... even by the ones who did not win this week !
  8. Tuesday 13th May. Another fun day out playing Bingo Bango Bongo. Derycolin
  9. Can't wait ......... See you tuesday evening Derycolin
  10. A great days golf ! This week another 2 keen golfers from the UK joined us for their first round of Bingo Bango Bongo. Guess what ? Yes, they want to play next week, because they had so much Fun. Derycolin
  11. For me the whole idea of playing golf is to have FUN. I have been living in Thailand now for almost 3 years, but I have been up against many players who were much better than me, and I felt that I was slowing up their game .......... So I stopped playing altogether. Then I joined the Pattaya Expat Club I heard about a golf group which meets every tuesday, and they play Bingo Bango Bongo. I was curious to find out just what Bingo Bango Bongo was ? So I met up with the group and went along for a days golf, no waiting for a Tee-off time, so off we went. I now join the group every week and I
  12. Go to the Lewiinski Hotel on Pattayaland 1 Soi 13/3. You will get probably the best Pizza in town !!!! Derycolin
  13. Thanks for all the interest shown, especially those of you who took the time to call me ! Derycolin
  14. MY CONDO IS NOW SOLD. Thanks for all the interest shown, especially those of you who took the time to call me. Derycolin
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