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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. I agree with Zaris. Never book a room on the internet. You can always book one night and shop around the next day for a better deal. It is easier to negotiate when they're gaining business from another hotel because you're going to the lowest bidder. Just bring your calculator....
  2. Isn't the general rule in Pattaya, most places are girl friendly, except for 5 star place, where most whore mongers aren't going to waste their money on...
  3. I stayed at a service apartment. It was near an Irish Pub called Jameson's, which is near Soi 6, closer to 2nd Road than 3rd Road. It was relatively new when I stayed in 2007. Back then I paid around $300/month. It has a swimming pool on the rooftop, which I believe is on the 4th floor. It's called the Siam View Residence. Maid service every other day or 3 days a week. It had high speed wi-fi in rooms and 1st floor lobby. What you have to be careful about with service apartments is the electricity bill, which you have to pay. If you stay at an old place or with crappy air conditioner
  4. I remember posting a year and a half back, a lifetime special for 10,000 baht and it included all of Tony's facilities... Expensive is no joke. List price as I recall around 500 baht a day, unless you are a guest at the hotel, then it is 250 baht a day. I would negotiate a weekly rate of 1000 baht, a shit load of money for Thailand standards, but then again I am paying $25/day in Las Vegas, so usually I pay for it at all costs. Equipment is new and comparable to top tier gyms. Small gym but at that price, no waiting.
  5. You got to be kidding. Wearing valuables makes you a prime target, especially by katoyees or gangs. Sounds like a troll post to me. Money laundering doesn't pay-off. You play with fire and sooner than later you get burned...
  6. That is reason enough not to buy property through a business. Too much government regulation that is subject to change! Can you imagine owning a house which is contingent upon keep the business open? There is no retirement in this equation. There was so much hoopla about buying condos through a business, when the 49% farang buyers limit was met. I passed on those opportunities, as I rather picked a property in my own name and not in a Thai company's name.
  7. I had my suits sent to me. I let the store owner handle the details. Sent me the goods as promised 5 to 7 business days. Only cost me 2000 baht. My point is Thai business owners, especially tailors/suit owners, would know best option.
  8. Also did the 5 months stay, unemployment pay is 6 months, you do the math... Missed the channel surfing with about only 3 english speaking tv channels. Missed going to the movies, Thai had D-rated selections, so I settled with pirated DVD movies, some so badly prepared, I could the crunching of popcorn. Had some explaining to do, when the immigration officer at US was going through my luggage. To be honest, what I really missed was watching US broadcast sports channels. It seemed that the ESPN in Thailand was all about soccer, which I could never get into, because I took naps in
  9. Aside from being expensive, I heard insurance companies don't like to cover theft and will sell you a cheap version that pays less than the replacement cost. Keep in mind that stealing motorcycles is a lucrative economic opportunity for teenagers or young adults. Even for local motorcycle business owners, theft is a risk passed on to tourists, who don't have coverage. As many times, I have rented, the only thing I had to worry about is a missing helmet.
  10. Make sure the person who sells you the insurance, speaks English. After purchasing a new Honda Click in 2006, I found out later that the insurance that the dealer recommended up front was not really full coverage. Sometimes the phrase, "you get what you pay for" applies. I suggest that you hear and see it in English.
  11. I took a 5 month hiatus last year to take a break between jobs. After a month, I was burned out on the night scene and began to watch alot of dvd's at night. I must have watched some of the most poorest quality dvd's in my life, but WTF, it was better than the 3 or 4 cable channels (in English). Generally, my pace of life was much slower than a typical 2 week vacation. I slept alot, perhaps recuperating from burn-out. I would sleep at 4 am, wake up at 2-4pm. Sometimes it would be dark when I wake up, almost as if I was a vampire. Since I lived in a apartment, even though I di
  12. Thanks for all previous inquiries...the motorbike has been sold.
  13. I received two offers both for 30,000, one lady owns a motorbike rental business on Beach Rd. The other offer was from the manager at the Honda Dealership on S. Pattaya Rd near 3rd Road. Both tell me they are going to strip down the custom paint job back to original boring colors.
  14. One thing I hate about Thailand...there policy seems to change quite frequently without much thought or long-term planning.
  15. You got big kahonas for doing that. I know I do my share of complaining but I'm too much of a wimp to make threats to a police officer, especially in Thailand...and to take his photo...daaaaammmmmnnnnnnn My Thai is limited to massage talk...I guess it helps if you can converse in Thai. I surveyed some Thai people and they didn't think you can bribe an PO without a Thai person on your bike or speaking on your behalf...little do they know.
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