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  1. Dr Cherry on third road or in Central Festival is excellent I had 8 crowns , a bridge a few fillings , whitening , mouth guard done 4.5 years ago and have not a problem Every visit since to her which is about 3 times a year I have a check up and only once have I had any work done , a small 15 min .filling I have sent about 20 people to her and all have raved about her and not one problem Absolutely the best
  2. How do I gain advanced membership Advise more than welcome
  3. Enjoyable I first visited in 1981 and loved as I do today after 21 more visits
  4. Can anyone point me to a good bar who arranges golf days that are not over the top with cost
  5. Have always stayed in and around soi 7 and 8 but need to move on Any advise on hotels around soi Dianna would be appreciated
  6. Sorry no photo She over 40 and wears a chain around her neck with her name Pon init
  7. Looking for advise on lady named pon from aussie bar in soi 7 Does anyone know or had her
  8. Have stayed at flipper house in January and June First visit was in a standard room which was ok Second visit was in a deluxe room in c wing which was very good especially at the rate of 1330 tba per night including breakfast which is on from 6am to1pm very handy after a big night The room is quite big with big bathroom and is quite at night I'm looking to move to flipper lodge now as flipper house have discontinued the promo rate and won't move
  9. Please advise the best courses to pay and approx costs
  10. Where is the best place to buy clubs and are they cheap.?
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