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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. I do the same as BigusDicus and have never had a problem. But I know people who can't take it (Like MM they sleep walk and some see things; weird things). Always best to try it before you get on a plane. Butch suggests Melatonin, I've tried that and got a big nothing. Used a whole bottle trying to make it work. Just shows everyone one is different. I've learned that if I use it I enjoy 2 or 3 more days of my vacation (or work). I am messed up for 3 or 4 days each end of the trip if I don't use it.
  2. jimbowx

    Deflate gate

    Sorry TTK no desire to argue and no insinuation you have something to hide. I was trying to get you to look at this from another angle IE if it was you being asked to open your life how would you feel. Evidently you are consistant and don't see a problem with revealing this type of information. I on the other hand think we as "free" people have a right to privacy. Just because someone "accuses" someone, everyone seems to think they have a right or you have an obligation to let them examine your entire life. It is too easy to fall into this "if you have nothing to hide" trap. I for one don
  3. jimbowx

    Deflate gate

    I really don't care about most of this, however on Brady not providing his text messages and what does he have to hide I have several comments 1) he is not required to hand over his personal information for a fishing expedition. They couldn't get a court order for whatever reason. 2) handing over a portion of his text messages was not an option. He would still be accused of hiding something. 3) that means they wanted to see all of his personal messages. To his wife, kids, friends ETC. in other words stuff that is nobodies fucking business. 4) once handed over he had no control of wha
  4. i am recovering from shoulder surgery. it is going well but being one handed sucks. not much i can do at all and so much spring work neednig done.
  5. I have a friend who is the GM of a small hotel in Pattaya. I stay at her hotel sometimes. She told me the best price was on Agoda and that she didn't have permission to even come close if I booked directly with the hotel. Seems odd but I always used them when booking that hotel.
  6. Just a comment, it is illegal to take more than the allotted amount and most of the time they just confiscate the extra. But to say that is the worst that CAN happen is wrong. They can detain you, fine you and land your dumb butt in court if not jail. It only takes one guy having a bad day to make an issue. Also most of the time you signed a document declaring what you bring in. If you lied, it is pretty clear you knew you were breaking the law. Again 99.99% of the time no issues but don't over do it or get shitty with them.
  7. I thought last time I was there not only was there a fee but the exchange rate for TC was lower than the rate for cash (at least lower than $100.00 bills). I quit using TC years ago because they are a PITA.
  8. Is Jimmy out of jail? And yes I would think you could make a long list. Getting them to write you a letter might cost more than the Thai Lawyer.
  9. I'll throw in my two cents here and I only have experience with US processing. I was told getting into the UK is more difficult. I think you need to find someone who has succcessfully processed a visitor visa and get them to tell you how they did it. I tried to get a TG a visitor visa and was not successful. I did process a fiancé visa with no problem. I don't know anyone who got a visitor visa for a single youngish Thai woman. In my case the TG in question, had a business, owned a house, owned land, had traveled to other countries and had money in the bank. I documented all of this.
  10. I once read someplace that electricity kills more people in Thailand than motor vehicle accidents. Kinda hard to believe that.
  11. RO is The system most bottled water companies in the US use. It is safe and clean BUT the membrane needs to be changed every so often and not doing so could mean you get bad water. Make sure it is properly maintained. I'd also think you want some sort of sediment filter in front of the RO unit.
  12. I knew a guy who was robbed and killed (left nude in a corn field) this way in South America years ago. Saw a sign with his name, the "driver" got his name from looking at the real drivers sign and getting in front of him. Since then, when I use a driver I give the company a code, if the driver can't give the code I don't go. BTW most can't give the code and it takes a phone call to settle it.
  13. I know she means out call but I can't help but think an out door prostate massage is either awkward or kinky depending on your mindset.
  14. Nice report evil. I have stayed at the Hilton several times. I mostly stay at Hilton's for work and am a diamond in there loyalty club. One perk is a free breakfast when I stay. I think the breakfast buffet is excelent. The lunch buffet is normally pretty good (but I never had the seafood one). I have not been impressed with the dinner buffet for the cost. It is just fine but you can get better food cheaper in pattaya.
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