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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. The_Fat_Controller, Thanks for that. I need to look again and see the larger room. I am a pack rat. I have 2 sets of golf clubs and a full set of clothes in Pattaya. Plus books, my own blender, DVD player, etc. It amazes me when I see all that shit how it happened. I will be there end of January just showing up and asking. Seems that is the best way to get a discount these days.
  2. Top Cat and Fat Controller, I looked at Areca once briefly. They showed me a fairly small room. Do they have different room sizes? Do they have a walk in (drag a TG in with you ) shower? Do they offer monthly rates? While I stand by my recommendation for a first timer to stay inside the baht bus loop, I don't mind a bit of a walk. ;D I stay for 2 months at a pop so I am looking for a bit of room to spread out in. I also have a lot of junk with me. Any more details would help.
  3. Emil, OK. 70s. ALl the same through my dim memories. ;D BTW, the cooking school on 3rd Road is called, errr, damn it. I can't remember. I only eat there 3 times a week when I'm in town. The place next door t o the golf driving range near Pattaya Nua. Excellent food and per a friend who took classes there good at that too. What I like about the place is they do Chiang Mai cooking which is my favorite. Nothing like a properly done Khao Soi. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM. OH OH, I go it. The name of the place is Aung Kam. Hey, I guess those warnings about drug use and brain dam
  4. Hoffa is not a she. Jimmy Hoffa was the president of the Teamsters in the 1960s. He disappeared under mysterious circumstances and has never been found. Mafia ties and or the Kennedys are suspected of having him removed. It is a running joke here as to where is Hoffa.
  5. Amazing the data Crackpot has access to ;D I'd ask him where Hoffa is buried but I'm afraid he would KNOW. warning, they all try to give you a mortor and pestle as souvineer. After 4 classes you got 4 of them. Try hauling THAT home. Actually, I know nothing of the BKK schools. Maybe they don't do that. I do know Chiang Mai is a great place for this too. If you travel that way I will get some names of schools for you. Have fun.
  6. KJ I'm poor white trash too - only I got lucky and hit the jackpot and got money now. ;D A non-stop ought to be about 16 hours I would guess. Best bet, board, read until dinner. Eat and drink several scotch and water (or poison of your choice). Warn flight attendants that waking me for a meal is a death sentence - theirs. Take sleeping pill. Put on Bose headphones. Eyeshades. Pull blanket over self and sleep for at least 10 hours. Have now killed 12 hours. Only 4-5 left. Read a bit. Boink the attendant if she is cute, sleep a bit more, eat and voila - we are in Bangkok
  7. KJ I just tried to upgrade my LAX-TPE leg from Delux to Biz, and they want 30,000 miles I could swear I have done this upgrade before and it was 30k for round trip. But on the phone they are adamant it is 30k for one way. Kinda gonna start looking for a new airline. Course, in 2005 (even though I hate their guts) I am going to fly Thai Air non-stop LAX-BKK. So what I hate them. That should save around 3-5 hours travel time. Gotta love it.
  8. Well, first off, welcome aboard. Now the chastisement - do the basic research in the Hotel reviews section here. > But OK, a quick primer. I have stayed at neither and don't know what kind of beds they have. Many Pattaya hotels have rooms with a mixture of beds so it probably depends on which room. Regarding location, Sandy Springs is a great location on Soi 13 which is minutes to action at either end of town. Areca Lodge is NOT in North Pattaya. It is close to Sandy Springs, but the significance is it is on the other side of Second Road. That means you have to walk across 2n
  9. Trvlr It is on my list. As Sabai Inn/Lodge. I am very familiar with it as a friend stayed there when I was at Pinewood. The reason it isn't on the leader board is location. I spend most of my time in South Pattaya. My golf buddies and drinking pals are all there. I thought if I could I would get closer to that end of town. But, Sabai Lodge is on the list since I know they do a good job.
  10. Mike I been drinking and I still think the maps fucked up. Damn. Or did they move second road? ;D
  11. Greg No discounts cause they are near full. basic capitalism at work. For myself I am waiting for a nonstop to BKK from the USA. Please oh please. I hate Thai Air but if they do nonstop it would be compelling to save 3 hours or more on the trip.
  12. Thanks Flash. I will try management next time. Maybe they'll give me a deal for a 2 month customer. One who returns 3 times a year. Seems like for 6 months a year a discount is in order. Pity Pinewood doesn't seem to get it.
  13. Hell, if they offer the same services I'm open to them. I don't care if they call it a retirement home so long as they don't mind a bit of noise at night. :)
  14. Emil, No. Not refering to anyone specifically. Just that people in general will remember the best deal they ever got and thats it. Or someone won't mention the 70% discount was when they were painting the rooms and hallways and it stunk to high heaven.
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