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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. I'm looking for a one nighter with my girlfriend and Erawan Place seems to be a no brainer of these four hotels based on the reviews and my budget. http://www.guidetothailand.com/thailand-tr...ort_arrival.htm Any other nominations? Anyone know how I can find the direct phone number and direct email address of this hotel. I don't like booking through third party websites.
  2. I with Hub and Emil on this one. I sure wish that my three flights on China Air had been on a Star Alliance carrier. I'm a cunthair away from a free fight on China Air and there seems to be no way to get to that threshold, no credit card tricks, brokerage account tricks etc. You can use China Air miles on Delta if it's a true Delta flight and not a codeshare but I don't travel for business and all my leisure travel is to the LOS. And I can't get a Delta credit card and put the miles in China Air although I could fly Delta and do so.
  3. My advice is to try to reserve a bulkhead seat and arrive at the airport 3.5 hours early and try to get the emergency row. If you are flying Thai, try this. Tell a pattaya travle agent you will give them 500 baht if they can book you in your favorite row. Managed to snag Row 44 on the BKK-JFK flight that way. Row 44 on that flight has a bulkhead that's bigger than I've ever sen.
  4. Didn't vote cause none of the choices apply for me. Flew the Thai non-stop from New York last trip. Not nearly as nice as the Sing non-stop but that goes to Spore not Bangkok. Next trip flying New York (EWR) to Spore to bangkok using Star Alliance miles. Leaves around 11PM and gets into Bangkok around 11 AM which is great for me. Prefer leaving on Fri night than taking Thai and leaviong Saturday around noon.
  5. Think if you fly China Air, when you book, you can request your FF miles can go into your Delta Skymiles program.
  6. What gym to you recomend for a total beginner in muay thai. My primary concern is not getting hurt.
  7. Emil, Could you please further explain the distinction of the yellow marking? Will some of those moving baht busses go to Nakula instead of Pattaya? Will the moving baht busses or standing baht busses at the terminal typically end at Pattaya Tai and 2nd Road? My objective is to get to the Koenig Mansion on Soi Yensabai and would prefer not to walk with my luggae from 2nd Road and Pattaya Thai. If driver brings me to hotel is 60 baht the appropriate fare? Some reccomend going to departures at Don Muang to save the 50 baht airport fee. Do you concur with this or is better to wa
  8. If you already have baht then bring it. But if you don't wait until you get to Bangkok aorport to exchange. Airport moneychangers are open 24/7 and you get a good rate, probaly much better than you can get in the UK.
  9. right, it's a last minute offer. but the 199 price is not as good as it first appears. most of us think in round trip prices, so you should be thinking 400 bucks. now if it was an upgrade to business class it'd be a good deal, but premium economy didn't look like business class to me. i'd first try to snag a seat that has an empty seat next to me (though that empty seat could get filled). or conversely, if the premium economy seat appears likely to have an empty seat next to it it becomes more valuable.
  10. I THINK the center row can be given out advance but the side can't be given out till departure day. In Pattaya, I told a place that reconfirms flights that I'd give them 500 baht if they get me row 44. They managed to get it for me (center) about a week in advance. Now, it's possible you get moved around if there was a family with an infant that needed that row.
  11. At the airport you may be able to upgrade for $199 one way. Better yest, do whatever you can to score row 44 center bulkhead in advance. If you can't get the bulkhead in advance get your ass to the airport 3 hours early and request row 44 side which is the emergency exit row. Row 44 rocks. Better than Premium economy IMO.
  12. Pretty sure you can use your Delta miles on China Air even though they're not Skyteam.
  13. If u call 1-888-289-4346, toll free, u can get a United crecit card that will give u 17,500 frequent flyer miles plus a mile for every dollar spent.. There is a 60 buck annual fee but they will remove it after a year if u ask, or u could jsut cancel otherwise. if u do this, I'd ap;recaite it if you give them my United mileage Plus # which is 03098370527 so I can get a 5000 mile bonus.
  14. i agree, tile floors are much better than carpeting in low end hotels.
  15. With United, from USA to BKK, if you cancel before the flight, you get yopur money back minus 150 bucks. If you can prodeuce a doctor's note, the 150 dolar fee is waived. I *assume*, whoever pays for the ticket gets the refund. Based on Cowboy's post, it sounds like the smart thing to use your miles on her, sinc eher miles will be useless if u pay.
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