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  1. Spacebass, regretably, the last little Vegas lady i experienced cost me$350 for the pop! Still cheeper than the ex! Can't wait for pattaya!
  2. The sincere compassion and consideration the FLB owners,staff, and members demonstrate to Oms memory is remarkable. It expresses the true gift of friendship that develops when kindness is foremost in the relationship. My sincere appreciation for how this board responds in trouble times.
  3. If anyone was fortunate to see West Virginia beat #2 seeded wake forest Thats what College BB is all about! Screw the pros! Hope you guys make the right play and earn the green. My money is on North Carolina Tar Heels!
  4. elef, Thanks for the input, all explanations make sense.
  5. question for the computer professionals, I was reading the forum when right under the Banner ad for Mikey's birthday this is what appeared: R U and my real name, I swear I am not delusional. Any ideas how this may have occurred. My personal info page is virtually blank. I e-mailed MM and he replied but not sure what happened. Anyway will not affect my continued participation. But it makes you think paranoid thoughts! Would not want the x-wife to know my new Hobby
  6. Hey AMRivlin, Appreciate your description of a true life lesson, most of us share on this board. The quality of the lesson is equal to the pain experienced in your relationship. You really are not asking for advice, but expressing a sincere desire to verbalize this learning experience. At age 23, for the most part you handled yourself well with a situation; where no matter what your response was it would not change her behavior. The outcome was predictable, and you are a better person for enduring this important life lesson. Enjoy your next ride in life! Irishmic
  7. Raykaytat, Thanks for the link, interesting reading of traveling Sanuk Land Irishmic
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