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  1. You are from the USA and you just heard the term "goat rope"? This political silly season in the USA is a complete goat rope. But if you are from the USA, it will take 27 minimum each way to get to Thailand. Expect a goat rope somewhere along the line coming or going. When a goat rope comes up, see it for what it is, don't freak out and roll with it. Mai Pen Rai.
  2. Ah reread the posts. It was myths, you said you fixed his post, so I thought you were stating a myth. Got it now.
  3. Think you are wrong about agriculture. If Thailand was to become a net importer of food vs a net exporter without a LARGE amount of other exports at least doubling, this would lead to pretty dire straits for many Thai's and would be very bad for the economy as a whole.
  4. Not to derail the topic, but why would you get a car you have to drive yourself? I have always found that I could get the same or better rates by hiring a car with a driver. By driving yourself, you open yourself up to a lot of risk which is offset by having a Thai driver with his own car.
  5. The law requires that you pay the taxes, duty, etc.... They are pretty steep, but not as steep as the penalties but considering if you deal with all of this sort of officialdom at the first and lowest level, a quick pay off gets you out real trouble. The worst is that you have to pay up at the full rate and deal with the hassle. I like to travel light so you won't see me lugging more than one bottle of whatever so that I don't have pay mini bar rates until I get out to stock the room. Never have been stopped in or out of Asia but seems like every other trip to South America I get stopped
  6. BTW Joe, since you seem to know everything, what are your views on the KSU vs KU bball game 1/4/12? Now betting college ball is where they cull the boys from the men. You only seem to come in and comment after the fact and only to fuck with people. How about we use Vegas odds, setup a 100,000 (baht, sterling, USD, what ever) per person game where you can bet what ever you want or nothing at all per game, run it up to the Super Bowl. All only for bragging rights, no real money. My guess is you will be a lot like Tebow, you may have a good run but we all know you aren't ready for the pr
  7. You read me completely wrong. I live in KC, I used to go games in the late 80's that you could have shot a shotgun across the field to the other side of the stands and probably not hit anything. Then the King Carl arrived with his 5 year Superbowl plan. KC has not won a post season game since for ever. This year, the whole AFC west blew big LadyBoy dick. Denver didn't lose their way in, but the backed into it is more apt. If the Steelers where in the division the would have maybe had a bi but at least a home game. The Hunts in KC should sell the team and go back to Texas. Elway should g
  8. the biggest crime is that the Steelers have to go on the road to play the donkey's. The AFC west should have had to forfeit their automatic home playoff game.
  9. Trivia via internet? Are you serious?
  10. nothing useful on any of the websites pointed out in this thread.
  11. Almost sounds as wholesome as Branson, MO USA. They can package it anyway they want it, but anybody just has to google images for Pattaya or YouTube Pattaya to see what's up. It may not be the monger that is targeted or spends the most money (not entirely sure what the truth is) but the mongering scene is a big part of Pattaya even if it only one more zoo for the straight tourists to gawk at.
  12. A few skydivers have survived chute failure, many more people die slipping and falling in the bathroom.
  13. good stuff as usaual. I forgot about your little section and just happened on it with the new layout. Have to go back and see how much I have missed.
  14. I would guess that most farangs that go over the rail of a balcony do so in a haze of booze and love for a working girl that isn't interested in a farang that has already spent all of his baht. But a small number of cases, at least as they are reported in English language media, seam to beg for a bit more investigation. Fact is that the Thai's just don't have resources so it is more of a case of buyer beware as there are Thai's that take advantage of farangs in Thailand and the police seem either not to be able to nor inclined to anything about it. Fortunately in the vast majority of Thai's
  15. EU citizens should be complaining. Bailing out EU banks is an EU problem. Bankers on both sides of the pond should be held at the very least criminally libel for negligence in the banking mess. A version of this happened in the late 1980's and it was allowed to happen again. The bonds that crashed where rated using a model that didn't even allow for possiblity that US home values can decline. Anybody who is running a bank and evaluating investments should know that ALL markets go down. As for the subsides to Airbus, see my reply to Tom, it is rather poor return on investment
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