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  1. I have always thought that a Documentary following,say,half a dozen specially chosen Expats in Pattaya would make for a riveting,must watch Doco...the highs and lows,the wives and girlfriends and Bargirls,the Booze,the breakdowns,the shattered dreams. Far better viewing than the other reality crap they churn out
  2. Bloody hell those Harleys are twice the price they sell for in OZ
  3. I flew with Southern China last year,i cannot warn people enough...Do not ever fly with this Airline.The plane turned up late at Swampy and I missed my connecting flight to Sydney.Had to stay the night at a one star hotel in Guangzou provided by the Airline. and had to share my room with a complete stranger. When I complained,the hotel staff replied...go sleep at the Airport then....Bunch of cunts, the lot of them
  4. Might of been an off day Evil.Because I usually stay at the Sandy Springs Hotel,i eat there quite often and consider it very good food
  5. SSS No the longest time I have ever spent in Pattaya is 3 weeks and in recent years,because of work constraints I only manage 4 day holidays from Sydney to Thailand. Seems like you couldn't do the retirement thing easy then
  6. Thanks Jacko....I could return and stay with relatives as well,but that could all change, as you say.
  7. In about a year I will be retiring to Pattaya when I turn 54.I have been going there since 1989,and let's just say it's in my blood and the move is inevitable. I have bought a Condo in the soon to be finished Unixx development at the base of Buddah Hill and that will be my base,as I plan to do a lot of travelling through Asia and probably Bkk visits every second weekend.I like the PI a lot and recently discovered the joys of Jakarta. Money won't be an issue as I will be taking on a working partner in my own business which I have built up over many years and will provide an extremely strong income stream as well as income from properties I own, and dividends from the stock market,so I can fund and pursue a hedonistic lifestyle. Just a question to the current retirees....do you ever get bored on a day to day basis?What does your daily routine consist of? and do you have a return plan to your home city if it didn't work out for you? What I mean is,if you returned back home,would you have a house/lodgings to return to. I am a workaholic and always have been,so adjusting to not working,may be a step for me,or I may easily fall into the non working routine.I don't know because I have never really tried it....to busy working.Will soon find out though.
  8. I have a mate,who used to own a gogo in Soi Diamond.There was a few of us sitting around the table ,and I put the question to him,and another mate at the table was complaining about the weak spirits as well. Phil was surprised and took us over to the Bar counter and showed us the standard steel nip pourer that they used.He had no idea of any scam ( and I believe him,he is not like that) So I don't know what the story was.If the Mamasam or drink waiter waters down the spirits how do they retrieve any profits from it if all bills itemized? I know nothing about how a bar system works.
  9. I just cant seem to get a decent drink of spirits in Thailand...do they pour half nips or is it just generally watered down.I normally order gin and tonic,it normally comes in quite a small glass that should provide a nice alchohol clout,but it doesn't,in fact I can hardly taste the alcohol.This seems to be in the vast majority of bars. I always end up switching back to beers.
  10. I Second that...Jakarta KFC is horrible, The Colonel should get his arse over there and see how his product is trashed
  11. Yes that's right....late reply...there was a mattress stuck on my balcony despite repeated compaints to the staff to get it moved....but in saying that I might stay there again if my arm is twisted as it's pure decadence and right near the action
  12. Oi here in Oz we spell culture with a k....fooking Kulture
  13. Last time i stayed there...there was a mattress stucl on my balcony......never again
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