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  1. also hotel reviews section helps a lot... at the same time try "soi 13 construction" thread...
  2. hello, thanks for report on noise... i find it very helpful... by the way, how much they charged u in sandy springs? did u order in advance or just came over the counter? thanx!
  3. hi emil, u mean 600,- superior and 400,- standard? is it a visible difference ? how far is it from beach as well as action? is the place quiet or r there some bars or construction works around ? thanx for any info!
  4. hey guys, any news about construction works around sandy springs ??? thanx!
  5. how much did u get the room for, mate ? thanx,
  6. thanx for advice! well, just one more question, what if i just hand over cash money in the thai bank when opening account, lets say 300-500 usd or €, will they have any problem with that ? i have some bad experience with swifts etc. and it costs hell of money... which r the banks i should try (only bangkok bank?) ? THANX !!!
  7. hey guys, looks like there is no reasonable way how to deal with hotels via email. i guess the only way how to get a good price is to physically appear in the hotel and thats it. i just received answer from one hotel, offering me the same prices as they have on home web page, no matter that u can buy the same room for 200-300 thb less through internet hotel portals... i guess this is thailand... they will earn e.g. 400,- and give comission of 400-500,- to travel agent, rather than give u room directly for lets say 600-650,- good luck !!!
  8. how is it with opening an account in some local thai bank? i guess the easiest way would be to enter the bank the first day, open an account and use their plastic & atms. is foreigner allowed to open an account in local banks? what r the reliable ones? thai farmers bank, or ? any info appreciated !!! thanx
  9. hey guys, does anyone know the direct e-mail connection to welcome plaza hotel? ive been searching many web pages and im not able to find it, seems like the only connection works through hotel portals which doesnt help... thanx for any info !!!
  10. based on hotel reviews i acquired pretty much info regarding certain hotels and i have two or three that seem to meet the expectations. how am i supposed to bargain with hotels through e-mail ??? based on posts i discovered, that although hotel web pages or some hotel portals show price for standard room in low season lets say 1.000,- , non of the guys who post reviews didnt pay that much and their charge was in the range of 600-700,- is it usual to e-mail the hotel and suggest them price u want to pay based on what your "friends" paid last time ??? or ??? thanks for any advice..
  11. do u guys have any references/experience on caesar palace hotel ? is it clean, nice, not noisy, guest friendly ??? is it far from beach, action? thanx for any info
  12. all the DVD places apply also for MUSIC DVD ??? as for watch, is it possible to fine wide range of brands ? thanx !
  13. hello emil, do u have any idea: 1. how far from beach it is ??? 2. how much they could charge for 2 weeks ? or should i send an email and ask/suggest the 2 weeks charge? THANX !!!
  14. hey guys, planning my first trip to pattaya... ive been doing comprehensive search on accommodation last few weeks and came accross sandy spring (event lek, etc on soi 13) as one of the best regarding quality as well as location (close to soi 7,8, as well as walk. street, but still quiet). since ive never been to pattaya, im not familiar with soi 13, how far is sandy spring from beach, what is next and what is opposite to it... im pretty much concerned about the noise and would like to ask your opinion, do u think construction works around soi 13 that u have mentioned will be hard t
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