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  1. Thank you for all these wonderful pics of Vietnam. Much appreciated
  2. Just seen these pics, Hammer. You do let some dodgy blokes into your bar. Just 3 nights earlier, a few of them were in Fantasy bar in Angeles City. These lads get around a bit
  3. Does anybody have an update on the noise factor at BJ Holiday Lodge? Thanks Bazza
  4. Wow !!! Who's the girl in the red dress Adam ? Very nice :
  5. Just missed you again Alf. Same same in Sept Hopefully next time mate
  6. "IN PARTY MODE" my arse !!!! I know what you have been INTO !!!!
  7. Don't suppose that Pieman fella could post a few pics, could he? Probably have to wait for the usual 6 month intervals. In other words sometime between now & March He's a slack fucker that Pieman is !!! Bazza
  8. Here's a pic from a few weeks ago when George was acting guvnor for the night Some dodgy fuckers here !!! Now this was far better. The delightful Miss Pun 2
  9. Geeze, I am a bit slow to put this up but here goes Good to meet Alf (Rightsaid) a few times on my latest trip in May. He is making some changes to TQ2 and for the better IMHO. Some new managers, new mamasan, hello girls on Walking Street, surprise surprise they are even playing SOME modern music for the girls to dance to (Sweet Home Alabama is still on the playlist though) Best news is LOTS of new girls. I was lucky enough to share some time with young Miss 39. 19 yo and about 40 kgs wringing wet. Very delectable even if was only for a S/T back in my loom.
  10. The going rate as of two weeks ago Bazza
  11. Nice pics there Lobin. Please keep Miss Tesco ready for when I return Our mutual friend from Melbourne took the news as expected Cheers Bazza
  12. I was in town last week.I walked passed this place many times. On my last day I actually read the whiteboard signs The place is the Samsara, next door to the Flipper on Soi 7. The signs say they have large rooms with a king size bed and a jacuzz1 for 800B per night or 22,000B per month. Sorry I did not look at the rooms but some other boardie may have. Hope this helps someone.
  13. Have to agree on the Majestic Suites. Small but comfortable and the location is excellent. Here's a link to book online Majestic Suites
  14. Regarding comfortable beds, here is my two cents worth from traveling to LOS about 10 times in the last 5 years. Bangkok Good - Omnitower, Majestic Suites Bad - Grand Inn (Soi 3), First Hotel The pits was the suite (A1) at the Honey Hotel Soi 19 Sukhumvit. Two large beds that were way too hard. Big room but not worth the 1500B because of the hardness of the beds. To balance that, I have also stayed in cheaper rooms in the Honey and the beds were just OK. I first stayed in the Honey in the early 80's and it hasnt changed much. Like a time warp for you blokes of the modern er
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