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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. I used to stay at Rosie O Grady's regularly and found the rooms, the food and the service was excellent, Darren the son of the original owner Bill I find a great host and very helpful. If you are wondering why I do not stay there now, the reason is that I used to always come in March, June and September and they always had vacancies, now I just take one long vacation from early December till early January and they are always full at that time but I still pop in for the odd pint or two.
  2. After eighteen trips to Thailand in the last nine years, I have only ever had my bags X-rayed once, apart from that never been stopped or searched. I remember having with me two liters of wine once and went to the goods to declare channel and declared it. Officer asked "is it for your own personal use" I replied yes, he replied OK no problem, go and sent me through the green channel.
  3. I ate at your place greg a few times on my last trip and the food is bloody good and is excellent value, see yo in eight weeks time.
  4. My favorite places for Sunday roast have to be the Robins Nest on Soi Dianna and Nickys bar on Soi Buakao, both excellent value and superb quality.
  5. I could not agree more, another thing to consider is that the americans that fall into the category of what you would call trailer trash etc are in low paid jobs with very little vacation time and with flights being more expensive to LOS from US than say UK and with the UK workers getting the very minimum of 20 days vacation, plus public holidays. We can see why the wrong type of Americans would stay at home. However you are absolutly spot on that every country has its fair share of trouble makers and I saw my fair share of American trouble makers when I was in the US, not to mention a gro
  6. I never have a problem even after a few drinks, beer was invented because ugly women need to get a shag as well.
  7. Sure will Bruce, I will pass on my regards and I am sure it will be a great night. Pitty you cannot be there but the music will be awesome.
  8. Come and hear the great sounds from the Mod era of the 60s and 70s as well as the great sounds of Northern Soul and Tamala Motown that where played at the legendary Wigan Casino and Twisted Wheel at the Rockhouse on Soi LK Metro on Thursday the 24th of September. Free food buffet, All welcome
  9. Hi Everyone, I will be arriving into Bangkok on the 25th of December if anyone is intererested in shareing a cab down to Pattaya. My flight arrives at 13:50 from Brunei. Reply to this message of drop me a PM if interested.
  10. I must say I have had dental treatment for a broken tooth that was fixed from a dentist in Soi 8, I forget the name but it is near the corner when you enter from the middle of Soi 7. Excellent job and cost only 800 bhat. As far as the UK goes, I had a root canal done and it was almost free on the NHS. I met one Aussie guy of UK parentage who advised me that he was heading off to UK as he had a UK passport for dental treatment. He advised me that the cost of the flight and acommodation with mates and family with a bit of spending money would work out cheaper than getting it done in Sydn
  11. Glad to see that Rudys bar is still there, I frequented that place in the 80's when the ship I was working on used to dock at the bottom of 49th street. It used to be a great place for meeting locals.
  12. I can highly recommend the pubs that do accommodation in Soi 7, Rosie O Grady's and the Pig and Wistle. Excellent value, great service and great meals.
  13. Check out this one guys http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_CF9v5p71Bk...feature=related
  14. Thanks for the list, I am sure it may come in very handy one day. From a business perspective, I recon you should charge the hotels a small fee for listing on there, then create larger adds and charge bigger fees as I am sure it will be an extremely usefull site. Not to mention for a small fee to charge visitors, you could create a single email group and add the email addresses of the hotels to it, then the visitors would be able to send one email enquiry to a large number of hotels and then judge and decide which hotel from the replies they receive. Or another one is you could also ch
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