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  1. She studied Accounting, right? Is she qualified enough to have a bookkeeping business for herself? Or maybe she could get a job at one of the accounting places around town. FatherMojo
  2. I used a Thai language Sat-nav on my last holiday. It is really not that bad as long as long as you have your home base clicked and the destination. I went from Nong Bua Lamphur to Dansai(?), Just turn left a Loei and keep driving. I think it was a 3 or 4 hour drive. I don't know who bought her the Vigo, but it was a nice truck. Overall, it worked like a charm and when we got close, my friend made a call to get the final bit of information. For those who have not tried... I recommend taking a driving tour to some of the less explored places. It can be nice and relaxing. Fat
  3. Great performance here. Ronettes - Be My baby and Shout
  4. In Hong Kong - The place was a dump. Small, no windows and a rat chewed on a souvenir that I purchased. When asking the front desk lady if they had rats, she vehemently denied it. My next question was if she had a rat trap. She replied by pulling out a huge trap and handing it to me. Pattaya - On Soi Chaiyapoon. One of those 180/baht places. Never saw such a grubby room in my life. Stains on all the walls... Ugh. FatherMojo
  5. I just double checked and JAL has 3 flights a day from Tokyo. 2 Flights are from Narita 11am and 6:05pm. The one flight from Haneda leaves at 1:10am. The topic on flyer talk was related to the poster taking a flight from Bangkok to Honolulu on JAL. Unfortunately for the return trip, the guy booked BKK-NRT, HND-HNL. The poster booked his flights online and apparently picked Haneda as his departure airport to Honolulu. FYI - It is about 90kms from Narita to Haneda and you have a choice of hopping on a couple of trains or taking the bus. Haneda is one of the busiest airports in
  6. The Residence Garden has cooking facilities. FatherMojo
  7. Always double check your money while at the exchange booth window. I read before about sticky fingered staff trying to enhance their income by pulling out the occasional 1k baht note. Even if the line is long, take those extra 10-20 seconds to double check your funds. If anyone behind you gives you any lip, just tell them that on a previous occasion they tried to short change you. FatherMojo
  8. jackolson56, It's a crap shoot. Some food stands are ok and some might not be. You will never know until you try. My suggestion is that you try places that are busy, as that, hopefully, indicates that the inventory turnover is pretty quick which could be an indication of freshness. FatherMojo
  9. Oh Irish Boy, Didn't you know that 3rd parties are always vast repositories of knowledge. They know everything about everything. roorsoldja, You have seen how things can go wrong with this and how things can go right. All I can say is trust your gut instinct on this. Additionally, if she makes it out there, get whatever insurance is needed to protect yourself against any accidents. FatherMojo
  10. It's ok now. Might as well lock this thread. FatherMojo
  11. I cannot get in either. Just a ton of error codes.
  12. Nice reply. I always wondered when you were going to expand the kitchen as the production area is not big enough. FatherMojo
  13. If you must attend Songkran, just show up for the last day. I think it goes on until after dark and there is more than enough water to last you a year. My first time in Pattaya was Songkran. I was totally unprepared for the length and type of activity. The Songkran I read about was people gently pouring water on the shoulder(?) and hands. Boy, was my reading material way off. FatherMojo
  14. I think Lee 1 Bar re-opened on Soi 8. I barfined one girl from there during Christmas a longtime ago. She came up to me and said, "Barfine?" Which I really do not like as I had not said 2 words to her. So I made her talk to me for about 2-3 hours and then barfined her. To this day, we are still friends and laugh about that night. FatherMojo
  15. And that is exactly my thought on this. If a guy is picking up the tab, the people benefiting from his kindness should show some proper manners. I think that many, many guys have hung out with 3-5 chicks at the restaurant, karaoke etc and been treated more or less like a piece of furniture to be ignored. FatherMojo
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