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  1. all i look for is under 2000baht,,, jaquizzii in room,, good water pressure in shower,,, quiet room,,, no joiner fee,,, in room safe,,, quality bedding,,, easy access to walking street
  2. hahahahhaha i'm more interested in meeting the girls than terry lee, however i am in town as of the 24th so i'll be there
  3. last time in mistys, i had 2 black cokes, decided to check bin , bill showed 3 black cokes!!! politely but firmly told service girl there was a mistake as i only had 2, she went to the bar and returned with a new bill showing 2 drinks. moral of the story is, be vigilant and polite but firm when you KNOW your in the right. all this was sorted without havin to get paul involved. easy really isnt it
  4. try air asia, i have made 2 trips so far, gold coast to bangkok, and 4 more trips booked, total cost return $450 whenyou can get them grab them , thats why i have trips booked until next june already
  5. Geez just because its my favourite gogo theres no need to think i am a plant (stooge) I have always had a good time in this gogo and was just letting everyone know
  6. ok i have a serious suggestion, all the signage i have seen is in english, please put some large large signs up in thai for the girls, something along the lines of "get you farang here" "farang takeaway" "farang boyfriends inside" etc etc get the girls to come hunting the farang. The girls NEED to be shown in thai that they can come and get a farang inside. Many girls are reluctant to wander into a bar if they are alone because most of the times they are not welcome in any bar except their own. Due to the fact they are stopping possible bar fines from the establishment. So please get some th
  7. as long as i can keep andy away from her
  8. Mistys is my favourite gogo in patts, always had a great time there especially with the lesbians upstairs, cant wait to bar fine jum on the 21st (my birthday).
  9. no construction noise last month during my trip, however the walls are paper thin and can hear the next room easily, great hotel though, have stayed there 2 times
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