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  1. last May/June I was there, the first swimming pool coming out of the lobby was indeed being demolished / worked on, they had about 20 workers in there (without the water) all day long....
  2. What about View Talay, Jomtien? can I get a bahtbus from there to Soi Bukhao? I'd rather not ride a motorcycle :-)
  3. Hi to all! Sawat di krahp I'm looking for a condo near Soi Diana Inn / Soi Bukkhao, a rental. For the period january - march 2007 Does anyone here know any? Take care, Alex
  4. Sawat di krahp Nakaleen, don't worry, keep smiling! last november/december was my first ever time away alone, straight to Pattaya, went back again last may/june and will go again in a few months..... Go with the flow, keep smiling! Enjoy! Looking forward to read about your experiences
  5. Yep, no bomb anyway: source: http://www.pattayamail.com/current/news.shtml#hd1 Eight people died and scores were injured in a fire that broke out at Route 999 Pattaya Discotheque on the evening of May 7. Subsequent investigations indicate a technician who slipped and fell while holding a gas torch might have caused the fire. About 100 firefighters, police, and Sawang Boriboon Foundation rescue workers were called to the Pattaya Third Road premises when the fire was reported at 9 p.m. They found the fire had spread quickly along the foam ceiling that had been installed to absorb the l
  6. I read about a shortcircuit in the neon sign, she said it was on the news about a bomb, after investigaters searched the scene, she lives in Soi Bukhao, will ask her again tomorrow......
  7. My g/f said it was a bomb, on the news....damn
  8. Hi ya'll, I stayed at Soi Diana at the Areca 26nov-13dec 2005, my TGF works on Soi Bukhao, very narrow street indeed, the first time I crossed the road on Diana Inn I almost got hit by a motorcycle because I was looking in the wrong direction, hahahahaha. From that moment on I was very carefull, always walking the opposite direction, so I can see the traffic coming. Will be there again on May 20, really looking forward to it, staying there and will make a trip to Koh Chang for about 5 days. Many girls there indeed, and quite some ladyboys in the evening...... Anyone know
  9. Hi all! How much if I ask him/them to pick up my TGF in Pattaya, drive to Don Muang (BKK airport), pick me up, and drive back..... I will arrive on May 20 Cheers
  10. Hi there, Last year was my first trip to Thailand, 23nov-14dec 2005. I went straight to Pattaya, stayed there for about a week, then went to the South (Krabi, Ao Nang, Krabi town, Phiphi) for a few days and came back to Pattaya again after that. Got stung by a mosquito only twice, and that was when I was having dinner outside in the evening in Krabi. I am going again next month, from 19may-9juni. A week Pattaya, a few days BKK, max 5 days at Koh Chang and end it again in Pattaya. This time it will be 30-35C compared to nov/dec this time will feel much hotter, luckily it does not both
  11. yes indeed, great time, but 2 weeks of Pattaya is enough for me, it seemed so quiet at Ao Nang, even more at the PhiPhi's.......especially the traffic and all the ladies and ladyboys not being there Having doubts about May, 1 week Pattaya and 1 week either Koh Chang or Koh Samui with thai g/f in a nice bungalow with a kingsized bed at a beach, if it rains......well....we will just have to stay inside untill it stops raining won't we now
  12. Sawat di krahp! I went to Pattaya alone, from nov 23 - dec 13 (very die krahp) Stayed in the Areca Lodge, Soi Diana Inn, off Second Road and Soi Bukhao. Chua? yeah Chua! tip - be carefull in the traffic, also when walking and crossing, look towards both sides many times, I always walked towards the oncoming traffic, or get a bahtbus, mai pen rai! Enjoyed my stay, my g/f works at an internetshop on Soi Bukhao, I usually drank a few at Pook Swan House before meeting up with her after she finishes work. We went to Walking Street (Tony's, Lucifer, Killkenny's, big beerbar on ri
  13. A question, will be leaving for LOS in 11 days: When I get money at ATM at BKK airport, how and where do I get change small enough for things like tips, bahtbus etc???
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