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  1. I stayed there last week for two nights and that would be the max I would stay there springs coming through the mattress not the cleanest of places and where they get the photos for their web site from Christ only knows but all that I wanted was a place to lay my head (on a clean towel that I took with me) also second night was noisy from outside till 3:30am not their fault but girls chattering outside and having a drink. At 450thb you dont expect a lot but not a place I would take the wife Oh the reason I stayed there was because two other mates were staying there and it was easy - their
  2. He is looking to go to the members meeting in the Bar tomorrow if that is of any help Improving but certainly far from better as yet
  3. To import a car to Thailand from outside the South East Trading area the import duty on a car is 212% of the world book value (Where they get this value from I dont know) plus 7% VAT plus transport charges plus a few back handers to actually get the vehicle moved from its parking spot on the docks. All in all not a very good chance of getting the car in for less than three times its value in tax and gifts An alternative it to import the car into Mayamar and then drive it into Thailand on a visit visa but it has to do a visa run every three months I believe, this is a method I have only read
  4. If it's any help it seems to load a bit quicker for me using IE than the old software, I like the layout
  5. Yep the phone modem is counted as hardware
  6. Very nice photos think it might be worth a trip, did you enjoy the trip what is the accommodation like ?
  7. They rely on the Bhuda amulets I always thought. Also worth rmembering that the maximum fine that can be imposed by the police is 200baht NOT 2,000 that some will ask for.
  8. shhut down & start again yep every time you install new hardware which is what you did
  9. The optician on Secon Road opposite LITTLE Mikes Shopping Mall is good and up to date I have used them several times and most satisfied.
  10. Chip it's just me I eat breakfast and that's about it for the day, like today I had me breakfast at the Ritz at 9am and I am now back in my village after a five hour drive and still not hungry but I think the wife will do me a bit of steak with a baked spud for supper - I love this Thai food. Seriously though it is what ever suits I like a BIG feed in a morning so the rest of the day I dont have to bother with food just a snack very often.
  11. Sorry but the breakfast leaves a lot to be desired like hunger, a bit of bacon, a hot dog sausage, a bit of ham, and an egg sorry but not a good English breakfast. the other food inc thai is good and cheap
  12. I can not comment on EDGE but I presume that the blue tooth connection would be very similar to infared which is made by going into the modems in control pannel and installing a blue tooth modem. Have the blue tooth on your phone active at the time and go through the wizard which is the easiest. If you dont use the wizard you have to install a bluetooth port and an additional com port plus alter a lot of configuration of the port. It does take some fiddling about with and after you have finished if you use a dialup connection of your phone(modem) you get a 14kbs speed that is all, make sure yo
  13. Sat at a bar Pattayaland Soi2 last year when the rain came down
  14. Best English breakfast in town No2 with gammon No1 with bacon both include tates, sausage, 2eggs, beans, toms, mushrooms, black pudding, 2 thich toast, and a mug of decent coffee or tea. 120 or 140 baht. plus a newspaper to read. about 10:30 each morning if I am town sets the day up right.
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