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  1. Well, that looks shit, i'd rather watch this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bOIRq4hSIMw
  2. i'd say your a perverted greedy cunt
  3. In a word, its a dive, but for 400bt and all your going to do in it, its worth it. but then again if its only for short time, theres always soi 6!
  4. oh i see what u have done there !!
  5. cant beat a bit of prog rock, i may well pop in
  6. happy birthday u old cunt haha!!

  7. all the best for ya, it does take a certain amount of balls to stick a promotion like that, i'm sure once the word gets out it will be popular. I'll pop in sunday and say hi cheers G
  8. i do belive that the majority of people out there are generally good, and wish you the best of luck, i'll even be in on sunday for a drink. I'm sure that a man of your stature will spot the shabby forkers coming in, especially if they are serial chasers. just wondering, does the free drinks for the girls inclue spirits/beer etc etc or only soft drinks, is there a limit?
  9. interesting idea,but you will leave yourself open to abuse, mostly from the sub species, and their offshoots...the balloon chasers. i can see people setting up the barfine, eating/drinking the 200bt away and leaving alone, it wouldnt be hard to say to a girl, go in there sit down and drink for free, and when i come in come sit with me. Boom the girl drinks for free, i get a free meal or a few free drinks and then i decide not to take the girl and off i go, fed and watered. nice idea but really open for abuse.
  10. i left my missus a note asking her to pack her bags urgently..she asked me where we are going i told her, we aint, u are now get the fuck out my house!!
  11. u may also struggle to exchange Spanish Lira too these days!
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