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  1. Network . I'm as mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore
  2. Thanks for that Evil. I did try Beefeater on my last visit in January and I am still talking about the quality of the meal. I love my steak and love it medium rare. The wait to get in proved worthwhile.
  3. ttez

    World Cup

    I just think that it is great that every 4 years the Americans discover the meaning of a World Series.
  4. Peter Graves I see him as Mission impossible and in many episodes of Love boat amongst others, but a movie? I think maybe Flying High the comedy satire. I think he was the captain.
  5. ttez

    Ashes Debacle

    What goes around comes around. Seems that we have been waiting for the come around for quite a while. Cook just hasn't been up top it and has copped t on all fronts. The last Captain Cook that graced our shores stopped in Hawaii and was killed by natives. I wonder If this captain will make it home. There is always the one dayers to look forward to. Quite a few young pommies are making a name for themselves in the Big Bash.Hales, Wright, Morgan., to name a few. Maybe that series will be worth watching. Do the English have a different captain for the one dayers? I am looking forward to a chorus of 5 - 0 at Witherspoons (Soi LK) in the morning.
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