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Abbreviations and Bar Girl terminology

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As with any field of endeavor, a unique vocabulary arises among those who often discuss a particular subject. Here's an explanation of some common terms applied to LOS and mongering.


Baa = Thai word for crazy. short for Ba ba bar boe (see also Ting Tong)


Baht = Unit of Thai currency (about 33 to the US$)


Bar Fine = Also known as Off by the girls. A fee paid to a bar to allow an employee of the bar to leave in your company. This is not a fee for sexual services.


BG = Bar girl


BJ = Blow job.


BBBJ = Bare back blow job (no condom)


Boardies = Members of this forum


Boom Boom = Sexual intercourse


Boomsing = German derivative of boom boom


BTW = By the Way


Butterfly = Bar girl speak for a man who changes sexual partners often. The girls are not butterflies as they are just working :grin-jump


CIM = Come in mouth


Cheap Charlie = Bar girl speak for a man who tries to pay under the going rate or fails to buy lady drinks.


Chugwow - Thai for masturbate. Also refers to a hand job.


Darkside = The area east of Sukhumvit Rd. Mainly expat bars and well away from the tourist area.


DATY = Dining at the Y (Performing oral sex on a woman)


Farang - Thai word for foreigners


FLB = FLB Bar. The sponsor of this forum.


GFE = Girl Friend Experience


Hoy = Thai word for shell fish. Often used to refer to female genitalia.


IMHO = In my humble opinion


Isan = North east Thailand. Most BGs come from here and speak their own dialect which is known as Laos.


Ka-toy - The third gender. Refers to men who dress as women. Sometimes they have been surgically altered and sometimes not.


Kee-nee-ow = Thai word for Cheap Charlie


Lady Boy = see Ka-toy


LBFM = Little brown fucking machine


Lady Drink - A type of drink purchased for a bar girl for which she receives a commission. Can be any type of drink the bar allows.


LT = Long time. Taking a girl out of the bar for an overnight experience.


LOL = Laughing out loud


LOS = Land of Smiles (Thailand)


Mama San = Female manager in a bar. Usually she has a special interest in facilitating your liasons with a BG.


Monger = Whore monger. That would be you.


Nom = Thai word for breast (it also means milk in Thai). Sometimes spelt num.


OTOH = On the other hand


P4P = Pay for play


Poo Ying = Thai word for girl


PI = Philippines


Sabai = Thai word for feeling good, having a good time


Sanuk = Thai word for fun.


Soapy = An erotic Thai massage that involves lots of soap and bodies sliding against bodies on an air matress.


Smoke = Bar girl euphemism for blow job


Sponsor = Man who sends money to a BG from his home country. Often so she can stop working in the bar.


Ting Tong = Thai word for crazy (see also Baa)


Teruk or teluk = Literally Thai for darling, often used by the girls as term of endearment and vice versa.


TG = Originally it stood for tour guide which was a euphemism for a bar girl. Now a days often just used as Thai Girl.


Troll = A person who posts remarks on a forum, to upset other members or to start a flaming war. Trolls hate to be ignored (so please ignore them).


ROTFLMAO = Rolling on the floor laughing my ass off.


Punter = Bar girl's customer


ST = Short time. Taking a girl out of the bar or to a room provided in the bar for a short (1 to 2 hour) sexual experience.


Soi = Thai word for a small street or lane


Ying = abbreviation of Pooying, the Thai word for girl


YMMV = Your Mileage May Vary (you could get different results)

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