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refurbishing a condo

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i bought a condo in jomtien 18 months ago and although i have stayed in it for my last 3 holidays i want to come over for longer periods of time soon and need to get it refurbed . i wondered if any bms had experience with any of this i need the floor tiled approx 58 sq metres i need wallpaper stripped off and walls painted and coving i want a new bathroom suite and retiled bathroom and a few new kitchen units and a bit of retiling in there. maybe a false ceiling with some spotlights in as well. i could do a lot of it myself as im going to have plenty of time soon, but if the rates are very cheap i would let someone else do it. incidentally id rather pay a bit more and get a quality job than pay peanuts and get shit workmanship. any advice from someone who has done it would be appreciated. ta

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Here's a thread from thaivisa.com that should give you some ideas. You're going to have to be at the condo for the whole exercise otherwise you'll not get what you want. And tradesmen here have a tendancy to simply vanish leaving the project half finished once they've got a few baht in their pockets, only to reappear again when they need more money.:banghead




As mentioned you'll have to find out what the condo rules are re working hours, security deposits, rubbish removal etc.


A friend recently remodeled his condo and if you PM me I can give you the names and phone numbers of the guys he used.



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