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Tapatalk Chat? Anyone tried it?

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Below is an email I received from Tapatalk claiming they have a chat feature. I haven't tried it (well, send one unanswered chat hello) and was wondering if it worked.

If you want to try it, follow the instructions and say "Hi" to me if you can't think of anyone else to send it to. I will let you know in this thread if I got anything.


The email (which you perhaps also received) has images which I could not get the forum to accept, so if you have the email, refer to that for pictures...here you just get the text.



Tapatalk Chat is Here.

Its now faster than ever to chat privately with other Tapatalkers. If youre negotiating a sale, planning to meet up, or just chatting about the game, Tapatalk Chat is the easy solution. Plus, talk to anyone from [/size]any forum or blog, [/size]just like you use Tapatalk to follow all your forums/blogs. (Chat works alongside your existing Private Message inboxes that are unique to each forum)[/size][/size]

We designed chat with your privacy in mind[/size]--you can communicate without giving out your phone number, email or name.[/size]

Heres how you can chat right now:[/size]

  • Tap the username of the person you want to chat

  • Tap the username of the person you want to chat

  • Tap the orange chat bubble:


Go! (To access your chats in the future, head to Notifications > Messages):

You'll get a push notification when you get a chat, so be sure to keep them on in your settings so you dont miss anything. You can find chat settings in Me > Push Notifications > New Chat Message. Enjoy![/size]

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