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Sukiya at Central Marina Shopping Mall

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Sukiya at Central Marina is the Pattaya branch of Japan's largest gyūdon (beef bowl) restaurant chain with 2,390 units in Japan and multiple branches abroad. 

Gyūdon consists of thin slices of beef and onions simmered in sauce of dashi, soy sauce and mirin and served on a bowl of rice.   It's a popular fast-food dish in Japan, although it's not considered part of classical Japanese cuisine.


I recently had the gyūdon with leeks and a softly poached egg for 109 baht.


It was very good and filling enough to serve as a lunch. In addition to beef bowls, Sukiya also offers fried chicken and pork bowls as well as various noodle dishes, combinations and sides. I also tried the fried chicken bowl set with four thick slices of  salmon sashimi, miso soup and four minuscule sides (corn, mushrooms, potato salad and  savory egg custard).


It cost 214 baht, with the sashimi pushing up the price.  The same combination with eel rather than salmon cost 159 baht.  The taste was good and everything was fresh. I particularly liked the Japanese-style fried chicken and savory custard.



The interior is clean,  comfortable and air-conditioned.




The times I've been there, the other guests have been Japanese or Thais, mostly families with kids.  Sukiya does a landslide business with its 10-baht soft ice cream cones.


Bottom line: In terms of taste and value for money, Sukiya beats the hell out of Western fast-food places in Pattaya.  Portion size is fine for me, but those with bigger appetites would probably need to order several dishes. Sukiya's slogan is "Save time and money," and that's a pretty accurate description.  For a quick fix of Japanese food at a cheap price, Sukiya fills the bill.

I'll include some photos of menu pages and specials to give a better idea of what's on offer.







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