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E-Bike Review

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Last week ordered a Lulae V9 e-bike from Lazada for my lady to use for running errands around Pattaya. Cost with promo discounts was 8,571B. Shipping was quick, arrived two days after placing the order.

Some assembly was required. Needed to attach the handle bar assembly, basket, front brake cable, and rear fender bracket. There's also a set of handle bar mirrors that need to be attached, but the mounting brackets included with the bike had holes that were too small for the mirror support arms. Sent a message to the vendor about the problem and 10 minutes later had a reply they'll ship replacement parts. So plus marks to the vendor for dealing with the problem very quickly. One negative though, no assembly instructions were provided, but it was easy enough to figure out what needed to go where.

After assembling the bike I took it out for a test ride. While the motor is on the small size, 350W, it had enough power to move my 85kg up the small incline on our soi at 25kph, and down the incline at 30kph. With my lady riding and me pillion, it still had adequate power to move us along at a comfortable speed. The battery capacity is 48V 12A and cruising range is advertised at 65km.

While I won't be giving up my mtn and road bikes just yet, for my lady to use for running errands, the Lulae e-bike is a good choice.


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