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BTS to/from Don Muang

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A couple of "walk-through" videos on YouTube.  The BTS link looks like a decent option if you only have light carry-on luggage, but I wonder how much time you save considering all the walking involved, especially from international arrivals at DMK.

The big problem I found with the AirLink from Swampy was buying the tokens at the Phaya Thai station to connect with the other BTS lines.  AirLink was popular with the Russian, Indian and Chinese groups, so there was a big crush of people (no real queues) at the machines which sold tokens.  Often the foreign tourists didn't know how the kiosks worked or didn't have coins, which made waiting times long- like 20 or 30 minutes- and caused considerable frustration among Thais in a hurry to get home.

Bottom line:  It's easier and usually faster to take a taxi or even the bus  from DMK, whether your ultimate destination is downtown Bangkok or Pattaya.

The first video is an optimistic "walk-through" of getting to DMK with the Asoke MRT station.  A lot of stairs involved.

Second vid covers ALL options for getting from DMK to various points in Bangkok.  The BTS option starts at 7.00.  DMK has definitely improved the taxi system since the days I took taxis from DMK.


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