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  1. I'll tell you what Alf, their a lot of fussy buggers, I would'nt push any of them out of bed to let any of them in. I will take bets they are a lot more attractive in real life, see you in 4 weeks Alf, Norm.
  2. Arriving late evening Frid 8thJune @22:25, anyone to share Taxi to Pattaya?
  3. How about Vera Lynne and Perry Como, that would get them going, (out of the door).
  4. Fuck me, I'm glad I did'nt go to that party, Phew;;;
  5. I have stayed at the Pig and Whistle on my last 3 visits and I plan to stay again in June, food is magic, the rooms clean and comfortable, and I cant believe Conley what he said about the management, I have talked, golfed and drank with them all and found them very friendly towards customers, staff also very warm towards residents, I like to get room 19, 2nd floor, at the back and very quiet, even though your right in the heart of the action.
  6. Would'nt dream of using any one other than our Mr Toom, used him on every visit, not a problem. E/Mailed him this week,answer came back within a couple of hours, Norm.
  7. Hi Guys, Arriving 2240hrs on March 12th from Melbourne, I have already booked my favourite MrToom, any one else for Pattaya at that time?
  8. As always Monkeyman, Bloody hillarious, Norm.
  9. I stayed at Rosie'o'Gradys in Aug, and they have a selection of good name clubs to hire from them, pop in when you arrive and find out the golf day's that are organised for that week, by the way, the courses and prices are first class, enjoy, Norm.
  10. Cheers Mark, super pictures, I met you at The Cherry Bar back in Aug, you where with your mate, look forward to saying hello again in a couple of weeks, Norm.
  11. They would'nt fit you now anyway.
  12. I should really have started a new thread, "who has the most awful name on the board?" I think it would be a dead head heat with you and Scumbag, anyway, welcome to the forum, It's not before time that we had a bit of class addressing the the board, and you sure do give signs of being classy. Norm.
  13. I think your a load of Kinky buggers. and by the way Steve, thats a fancy bloody word "Lactating", what next I wonder.
  14. Hi Alan, where exactly is your place? see you in Jan, hopefully to befriend one of your "Fillies", Norm.
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