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  1. And I've used All Seasons Travel every year since, LOL. Recommended, This May, 32,000 baht BKK/LHR return.
  2. How about a Bit torrent link thread for the expats here that miss UK, US or Ausie TV programs, living in LOS. I will start it off with a good US series I downloaded watched recently. http://btjunkie.org/search?q=breaking+bad Also, UK Spooks series 8 started last week with 2 episodes available. http://btjunkie.org/search?q=spooks :cheers: Mike.
  3. I had a good breakfast there, and a bad fish and chip meal there a few weeks later. It happens all over town, and for the low cost involved, not bad value, although I have not been back since, mainly as there is so much choice around. Dave, I do think if you had apologized for the rudeness of you staff, you might keep a few more customers for your future, BWTF do I know.
  4. I live on Soi Country Club, off soi 13, about 4K lower than you towards town. Use TT&T Maxnet 1 meg connection and an lucky to get between 36 kbps to zero connection on a bad day to 200kbps on a very good one, normally in the early hours. Every time I complain they say “it’s your area, …no good” Sounds like you are better off sticking to what you’ve got. Faster than my ADSL. :cheers: Mike.
  5. mike100

    Kawasaki Boss.

    Sold Today. Thanks to the bordie here that bought it, and hope she gives you as much pleasure as she did me. Take care and drive safely mate. :cheers: Mike.
  6. mike100

    Kawasaki Boss.

    2003, and 175cc. Little used during the last couple of years due to a couple of other bikes and a truck. Full spec. http://www.yingyongmotorcycle.com/Kawazaki/Boss.htm :cheers: mike.
  7. Owned this bike from new. Less than 7,000 KM covered. Well maintained. Twin spots, front crash bars and front footplates. 39,000 baht. PM, or phone Mike on 089 156 6949 if interested.
  8. My last 12 years of working was at a UK advertising agency as TV Editor. After being bought out by a US company things gradually changed from 35 hours a week until work until you drop, or die, which a couple of workers complied. A year later I decided that I did not want the alternative, and started working to rule. Within a couple of weeks they offered me a small redundancy package and after accepting it have spent the last 5 years or so in Los. No regrets, and glad I gave them the finger. Mike.
  9. 800 baht for all three filters. cheers, mike.
  10. Have used a 3 stage filter system for the last 5 years here in Patts with no ill effects. Filters changed once a year, or so by the supplying company at about 800 bah. Probably cheaper to buy large water bottles weekly, but happy with the way it is. mike.
  11. Hi Alex, Just spoke to Adam on the phone, and he said he will get to an internet café tomorrow and send you a reply. Cheers, mike.
  12. Just got my bill in (Direct from Electric company) and it seems about the same as the period last year after checking an old bill from 11 months ago. With standing charge, units used and tax, it works out this month at 3.44 baht per unit. (Or 2.48 per unit excluding standing charge and tax.) I live about 4K outside Pattaya, so maybe it’s a bit cheaper the other side of Sukhumvit. Also the unit rate goes up slightly depending on how many units consumed a month. The more units used, the higher the cost. Mike.
  13. Hi Steve, Yes gross. I put most of my savings with an Egg Internet Acc. Told them a couple of months before I left the country that I was going, and didn't want to pay tax on my interest anymore. Was told I couldn't retain an account without a valid UK address, so re-phrased saying that I was extensively traveling the world, gave them my parents address, and would only be staying in the UK about two weeks a year. This they were happy with. They said they would send me a tax exclusion form which they had to get ok'd by the Inland Revenue. Also had to fill a separate form out for the IR regarding leaving the country and not wanting to pay tax on my small private pension or receiving anymore tax forms to fill out. It took about six months to get sorted and I even got a rebate on the pension tax paid, but not a rebate on the Egg savings tax. Egg will not make transfers abroad, but will make them to my UK HSBC account, who then transfer funds to my bank in Thailand. This can not be done over the internet with HSBC, and I had to set up a password which is sent by FAX with the details etc. Normally then get a phone call from the manager to confirm everything before he acts on it. After that, about 5 days before it shows in my Thai account. I always transfer in sterling as it gets the best exchange rate. Hope this helps. Mike.
  14. No, I normally bring about £10K at a time for living expenses, mainly because I get approx 4.75% tax free interest in the UK, where I keep my savings. My Thai Acc. only pays a little less than 1%, but have to xfer to meet the requirements for my retirement visa every yrar. Mike.
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