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  1. Stole 5 mil from me and another 25 from others,caused a trail of destruction and walked free. Long story and water under the bridge,but people should be aware that these scum Bastards exist in Pattaya,they are the least of people you would expect as they pretend to be straight to the extreme. Siam Racing Pattaya and Siam Auto trader Magazine
  2. I guess Harris must be Drews love child then...lol
  3. No but it has to do with con men and pattaya,but OK to delete it if you like,but people should be aware how common it is in this town imo
  4. KARMA http://www.leicestermercury.co.uk/Dealer-jailed-163-1-75m-drugs/story-12035625-detail/story.html
  5. Plenty of Con men in Pattaya over the years. Some get away "Scott" free...lol Cunt (Cryptic but Dave will know who i mean)
  6. Unfortunately tourists on bikes/scooters are a nightmare,many are inexperienced riders and have no idea of the skills required to ride safely in the town,Thais in the main are better but not good as they rely on the Buddha flowers hanging from the handlebar to keep them safe. Young pissed up idiot tourists renting high performance machines are just asking for trouble,they are not toys,it should be banned,no fucker needs a 180 Mph Motorcycle to go bar hopping. I ride big bikes frequently and have done thousands of miles safely all over Thailand,we often ride in large groups of experienced enthusiast and clubs,we have a strict set of road rules that can not be ignored,we nominate a road captain who will lead the group,if in a large group we also have out riders who will block junctions so we all pass through them safely,I also ride alone and have even been to Siahnookvile Cambodia solo,without any dramas,you have to ride defensively and be aware at all times of any danger. Recently we are seeing all over Facebook terrible accidents and loss of life,mostly involving Thais riding performance bikes,the reason for this is that these bikes are now available and affordable to Thais as they are financed,sadly they do not have the skills or road sense to ride such machines,there is no formal training and after passing a silly test on a scooter you can jump on a 200hp machine,it's madness and causing carnage on the roads at present,the law needs to be changed and enforced.
  7. For the first time in 15 years i have been sober,for the last 4 weeks i have managed to stop drinking completely. I have been going out to local bars (on the D.S). and drinking soft drinks,i have noticed a huge difference in prices of these drinks. I have had bottles of soda water ranging from 15 baht to 50 baht and small bottles of Coke 25 baht to 70 baht. One of my local bars sells you a small soda water for 50 baht but a whole pint of real Coke for 40 baht.(Leo is 40 baht HH) I'm not complaining,I just find it strange the range of different prices,i was wondering what awaits when i venture over the road to town's Gogo's and bars?
  8. Take your own in room entertainment with you and a packed lunch as the food is pretty dire all over the island. The beaches are nice enough.
  9. " I will pass any laws i want because i'm the boss and i got the Tanks"
  10. I expect we will see tanks on the streets of Pattaya at midnight..lol
  11. Congratulations Richard.You having been a permanent regular customer around town for over a year or more now so understand where it's all fucked up,beer you can buy everywhere,it's the pussy we want with an attentive pleasent attitude. You have the best Chinky so i have no doubt you will make the beer bar one of the best also. Good luck with it all.
  12. I'm not a refugee,been logged on here since 2006. I'm just not allowed in the inner circle any more,having the audacity to complain about delivery charges....
  13. https://www.facebook.com/fisherman.pattaya?fref=ts
  14. While i'm on the Curry theme,being part Indian like... I was in a bar last night and this Paki(he actually said that)tried to sell me a suit or so i thought. It turns out they /he is opening a new Indian restaurant on the lake in a couple of weeks,he talked a good curry and i will be trying it out soon. Here is the menu if by any chance you are interested..lol
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