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  1. it is a nice complex, i lived in the thabali condo units, which are very different to the regular units. it is expensive though, but you're now in a expensive condo to, paying 16.5k for 48m2, there is a unit at alan bolton which is 60m2 in thabali for 20k. it sure does beat the crap out of VT2
  2. ahh, so THAT's why there is a sign pointing away from the main immigration hall and says: fast track immigration
  3. I dont agree that 3M cover is far to high... if you would develop some serious condition, or a serious event were to take place, you could easily rack up expenses of more then 3M. Imagine needing a year of treatment and multiple surgery's if i am not mistaken, under your specific plan, chronic conditions maintenance isnt covered anyway, and neither are organ transplants, for me those are 2 major reasons for the policy in the first place. i am covered at 5M and even with that , what i really want is the cover to say: unlimited
  4. i cant help but wondering, are these hotels going to be regularly full? The holiday Inn looks huge and it must have been quite a size-able investment...with tourism the way it is, they may take a big hit
  5. when i was in malaysia they changed their call centre and were first unreachable for days, and after that there was like 30 minute waiting time...and guess what...it aint a toll free number, spent a small fortune getting my flight changed....
  6. The Mio's are now priced at 20.000 for the white one and 25.000 for the blue one
  7. i just realize it's a 1,6ghz processor, not a 1,4ghz like i said in the OP they dont have this model at Tesco lotus on Thepprasit road anymore. i'll drop the price to 7,250 baht though, which is still 100 baht cheaper then in Korat. its new in the box with the receipts and warranty and everything.
  8. the standard is that they come with Linux, but they changed it to windows on my request. it runs windows pretty well, and i played some simple games from my external HD, and that went smooth to, all in all its a good book to take on travel
  9. where did you see it for 7,500 baht? last time i checked in tukcom it was still 10,500 baht.
  10. lol, i thought i wrote it in the OP, but i was so occupied with the pictures i must have forgot... Acer Aspire for 8,500 baht Mio, depends if its the blue or the white one: Blue 26.000 baht White 25.000 baht
  11. i have just concluded there are 2 more items i dont use and should be sold... a Acer Aspire 1, i bought it about 1 month ago for my girlfriend, but it's time to accept computers dont interest her... it's the new aspire1, with the intel atom 1,4ghz processor and 8Gb flash memory. it is loaded with WinXP, new in box and basically hasnt been used other then to demonstrate to my girl what she could do with it. I also have 2 new model Mio's, i cant decide which one to sell, the blue one has 5,5K KM and the white one has 27K KM, I like them both equally and for different reasons. whoever
  12. i am not selling a actual PS2, just the games and the controller.
  13. i'm organizing my stuff, and i decided to get rid of all the stuff that has no use, as i dont have a PS2 anymore, this scores quite high! the games i have are: Bomberman Collection Conflict Vietnam PES 2008 Bloody Roar 4 Resident Evil Outbreak #2 Devil may Cry 2 Genesis collection (sega games) Crash Nitro Kart Winning Eleven 20+ Grand Theft Auto Liberty city stories Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Smack Down vs Raw 2008 Midnight Club racing 3 Crash Tag Team racing Bully Time Crisis Crisis zone and the usual dual shock controller and 8mb memory card just make a of
  14. i drive down Thepprasit on a daily basis, and there is very occasionally a baht bus, which i assumed to be specifically hired. it may be a regular flow, but how long is there between them? 5 minutes? 10 minutes? and what about at night, after TL is closed, you wont see them then neither.
  15. no there actually arent baht buses on Thepprasit...you may be confused with Thappraya?
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