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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. Watched season one here in Sydney. Excellent series but now have to wait over a year for more is not good.
  2. Lets hope they keep the current one year retirement and or marriage visa's as this appears to be a bit of a nightmare for the average person.
  3. Bullfrog, I think the 3M has to stay in untouched for 12 months. No idea how they will police that. Hi Bullfrog I qualified for the retirement visa by keeping 800,000 in a SCB savings account 3 months before each renewal.
  4. I lived in Pattaya for 3 years, and came back to Aus 7 years ago and I know it is difficult to get money out of Thailand so I would be very hesitant moving 3M baht back to Thailand. I will be retiring in 2 years and plan to leave my money in Australia. Also 100,000 baht a month is about the maximum I will be needing a month, probably less so that is also an issue. Nothing is clear yet if they will keep the marriage visa going as that would be the most economical for me. Or the current retirement visa which worked well for me last time.
  5. This decision will cause other ramifications. I have had my number for about 10 years and it is recorded by my Thai bank account. If I want to transfer money they will send a use once pin which I receive on my phone which has the thai sim card in Australia. I will not be in Thailand for some time yet and I will just just have to let the number go which means no more transfering funds on line. I only have 10K baht in the account so I will just withdraw it via an ATM here in Sydney and let the account go together with the phone number. For me it is a minor annoyance but some others might transac
  6. Gary I know exactly what you are are talking about as my wife is the same. If I was living back in Thailand and was in the market for a car this looks like a great buy. Good luck with the sale.
  7. Villaman Another option is to buy a cheap phone. They are all made in China and are regular brands for China. Probably sold in the millions back home. Cheap but work ok where as copies rarely work very good or for very long. I have bought a couple of these cheap phones and they work ok here in Aus.
  8. Looks like a nice clean business for somebody to buy into. I am not in the market for something but will pass this on to somebody who is.
  9. Martin, the drivers pay 1000 baht to the owner a day to use the cab. Whatever they make over that is theirs to keep. Of course that is gross to the owner who still has to insure the cab, keep the maintaince up etc and the driver has to pay for the petrol / gas out of their earnings. When the cabs start to get old and a bit worn out the daily rate starts to drop to about 800 per day. When the cab is new you try to find one good operator who takes the cab home after they stop work for the day. These guys tend to look after the vehicles better. When the cabs are old you can hire it out twice a da
  10. No hassle, I let an agent manage it. I also had another 2 units. Another cheap one in Hagone Condo and a ground floor rented out as a shop in Viewtalay 5. Between the 3 of them they brought it 30K a month which covered recreational activites. Also owned 3 Taxi's in Bangkok which earned me 1000K baht a day.
  11. Hi Papillon, bought it in 2007 for 460,000 baht. It had just been refurbished so all I needed to buy was a cheap TV and a wardrobe from one of those cheap furniture shops on Central Pattaya Rd.
  12. Nirun is OK. I owned a small room in one of the front buildings, 3 rd Floor building A from memory. Sold it in 2009 for 480,000 baht and had rented it out for 2 years at 5000 baht a month so a good return. Management was Ok and the service fees small, especially as the tenant paid the monthly condo fees.
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