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  1. I actually recon they have done well considering, if it was the UK they would still be waiting planning permission and it is definately an improvement on both the road and pavement
  2. I bought this business off a fellow board member nearly 2 years ago and it has continued to do well for itself. It will never make you enough money to retire in its current format however it has provided my wife with a good steady income from her worst month during low low season of 12K thb to 45K thb in high season. These figures are net and are after all overhead costs have been paid. She has re-invested some of her profits and has upgraded and renewed many of the fixtures and fitting over her period of ownership. The shop can either be run alone or if you wanted to expand and do mor
  3. Good luck with the sale and with the money you will be able to invest in your dream Currency Exchange your GF is selling on the other thread. Everyones a winner.
  4. Good review but just goes to show having been a previous fairly regular Thai flyer I wouldn't touch them any longer as there product has become dated and the price in most cases has risen way above other carriers.
  5. For an ex rental bike its very expensive, perhaps why it hasn't been snapped up.
  6. There you go Dave I repped you up to get you started again and keep you from getting miserable in the big swimming pool that is the UK at the moment.
  7. His band are very good but dont think you would want him too, legs are too hairy for the dresses he wears. lol
  8. Try this guy http://www.pattayasuperbikes.com/ names Galee he will get what you want
  9. The Thai LHR to BKK flight runs pretty empty these days compared to the glory days when Thai actually had a good product, add to that their insane prices and even the likes of BA are giving them a run for their money on this route especially in business class.
  10. Was in the moon on Saturday and gave it about an hour just to get a feel for the place. It will be the last hour I waste in there. Girls have hardly asked what is your name and they want a drink,have a few lookers but they were out numbered by the averages. They have some Bangkok large (big & tall with false tits)supermodels that reminded me of the previous Saturday night in Nana BKK. Looked very like ladyboys. Bottled Tiger beer 130 baht so about the norm, but place lacked atmosphere and had too many Thai guys working in the place.
  11. Not like Frosty to be wrong on a subject is it, jumps in with both feet everytime LOL
  12. Better make sure Greenpeace or any Japanese Whalers are not in the area at the time or it could end up nasty.
  13. I ate there with friends on Saturday and all meals were to the usual standard, although always have to wait slightly longer on the fish and chips. I still recon great food for the money. Maybe this should have been on a PM to Pete first and post afterwards if no conclusion IMHO.
  14. Rented from Hertz in Swappy many times and never had any problems. IMHO GPS in Thailand is not the greatest and really if you get lost driving between the airport and Pattaya you really shouldn't be driving at all coz basically its a straight roadespecially with the new motorway flyover that takes you to Sukhumvit between Pattaya Nua and Klang. Another benefit of Hertz is they have a satelite branch in the foyer of the Marriott in case you have any problems or need to change cars.
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