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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. A good deal years ago there was this Vientianne Restaurant on Second Road. Very nice food and a great place for people watching also. The Isaan girls loved to eat here due to the Lao menu. It closed due to I think hotel development and moved to WS. I am not sure of that. On my last visit in 2008 I looked for it in WS, but no luck. Somebody said that it had moved to 3. Road. Any idea if it still excists and where ? Thanks in advance and best regards. thaidane
  2. I had the pleasure to visit Pattaya Beer Garden a week or so ago. I was in Pattaya with my philippine GF and we enjoyed. We spend time there in the morning, early afternoon, late afternoon and late night and we enjoyed at all times. Great music, great view, nice breeze but first and foremost great staff. To be honest I have never met a more pleasing and serviceminded staff. Great humour and to be honest very good looking. One of the staff put the beer mat under her staff badge. Yes, it was chillin I understand that you are puzzled. So where I. OK, in the morning and early aftern
  3. Gentlemen Thanks for your brilliant input. I owe you. A special thank to TENGOTODO. I can allmost feel your anger. Honestly I had no idea it was that bad and I have been proven wrong. I stand corrected and will NOT stay there. Best wishes. thaidane
  4. Hello Gentlemen Please don't flame me to death I know it is a sleazy place and worn out and and, but has anybody stayed there resently and how is it now ? The reason for my question is a 29 hour stay in Pattaya early next year and I like the area soi 2-6 and I would like 'entertainment' very available and close. I have never stayed there before but consider it as a Pattaya institution on line with Nana Hotel in Bangkok. You have to try it once in a lifetime IMHO. I listen very much to any advice and opinions, but I am afraid that my number is out and it is time for that
  5. Phantom I stayed there first time 10 years ago and again maybe 4 years ago. Last time there where a wide varity of rooms. The owner was the same, but still and elderly nice lady. I disagree a bit about the pool. Pool is small but nice and you will like a pool in Chiang Mai. I asure you. Location is exellent. When there visit Doi Suthep. It's amazing. Even a couple of bars with ladies in that soi Give it a chance and let us know. Best wishes. thaidane
  6. Hello there I guess I have to come back and defend my trophy from last year. So please put me down for one for europe. Deuce I hope you will continue your Captaincy for the 2004 event. I know you will not wawer for pressure and we can beat them this year. Back to the driving range. Best wishes thaidane (Winner of the Jomtien beach award 2003) P.S. Somehow I have a strange feeling that I have missed an important point somewhere.
  7. Hi there Nice to hear from you Captain and agree that GP of course plays for Europe. Last year the RideHer Cup was pretty close to Loi Kratong (was it the 8. november ?), so it might be a good idea to continue that tradition. Begining of november has it's advantages as Doggie pointed out, as high season is not yet in full flight. I am still a bit worried about if the event coinsides with a major american holiday season. We cannot bear further humiliation. Anyway we are still there for a fun day of golf humiliated or not, so just set the date. thaidane. Winner of the Jomtien Beach Award 200
  8. Hi members I would prefer beginning of november, but a little later is ok with me. Best wishes thaidane
  9. Hi BobSJ I have not stayed in Roayal Asia Lodge, but I have stayed in Stable Lodge and The Promenade both in soi 8. Both places best avoided I am afraid. But soi 8 is a nice relaxed soi almost cosy. I you stay there visit Beer Garden restaurant which is good in both thai and farang food with resonable prices. Oh and I should not forget Alleycat, which is a BJ bar, on the second side soi to the right, when you are walking down soi 8 towards Royal Asia Lodge. The girls are not pretty, but know their craft. Best wishes thaidane
  10. I do not know why you have a problem with Intown, but it seems you should see a doctor instead of wasting our time. thaidane
  11. Hi Mad_Dog1 Somehow I find your remarks hard to believe, as I know many people who has had a very nice stay there, with none of the problems you mention. Also very recently. But of course things can go downhill fast but seems strange. Best wishes thaidane
  12. mike_hunt You could take a look at Holiday Intown Hotel in soi 10. I made a review not so long ago. Close to Apex, but with a nice pool area on 10. floor. Imho great value for 550 thb. Best wishes and merry xmas thaidane
  13. Toopach Two hotels springs to my mind. Apex has a swimmingpool, but there is not much sun, because of buildings and walls. Around thb 500. Intown Holiday hotel has a pool on 10. floor. Around 550 thb. Take a look at the review section. I recently made a review of Intown and there are many reviews of Apex. Best wishes thaidane
  14. Please put me on the same list. After some consultations with myself I have decided not to bring my set. Simply too much work for one or two rounds of golf. Best wishes thaidane
  15. I arrive in BKK november 1. at 7 am (07.00) (TG951). If you are interested to join please send me a pm. Best wishes Thaidane
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