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  1. Hot tuna bar on walking street if you like rock. Great covers band ac/dc maiden, scorpions , g'n r led zep, sabath etc
  2. Sure thing Dave. I'll be in touch. I sometimes get into Leicester on a Saturday afternoon if thats ok for you.

  3. Hello. I saw your latest TR and left a comment. If you are interested I will make the effort and come over to Leicester sometime and we can have a few beers and a natter. Call me on 02476 230082 one evening. Cheers.


  4. To quote Louie Walsh " well I like her!" Anyone know what the song is called and who sings it?
  5. Will you be able to leave it at just a drink..........?
  6. Please wish her a happy birthday from me Adam.
  7. Baht bus drivers[do/i] give change. If I give one a 20bht note I leave my hand there so he knows I expect change. I thought it was 10 bht falang and 5 baht Thai until having traveled with two thai ladies to walking st I gave the driver a 20 bht nte and walked off. He tooted at me and held up both hands - ten. The girls told me what I had done wrong and I went back and gave him another 20 baht note. Everyone saved face.
  8. Exellent, great job. All that is needed now is someone to record it.
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