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  1. I booked from that site for yesterday. The rate was 1000, the driver was there on time, no problems. The ride was good in a Toyota Innova? The only problem was I tried to book through the site and it did not work, so I emailed them directly.
  2. I stayed at metro Aprtments in April with no problems. They were full for the first 4 days of my trip in spetember, so i am trying the Irish Rovers. The places are small about 11 rooms, so You can always try the next one, many there.
  3. Emirates just landed one of those in Toronto too. Looks like they need new markets.
  4. The deluxe rooms are on higher floors and because they are 50% bigger than the standard there are fewer rooms, so fewer people on the floor. SO I found it quiet there. But like LTGTR says it depends on your neighbor. My buddy had someone knock on his door because he felt my buddy was talking on his phone too loud. I never had a problems with noise, but that might be because I live in an apartment in the downtown area of Toronto and I am used to it.
  5. They responded to me at the Lk Metropole, but the rate was 2000 a night. When I emailed back about The FLB rate they said 1625. Agoda is 1540. Go figure.
  6. don't bother buying any duty free in Toronto. You will lose it in Tokyo.
  7. Looks about right, my April flight is $1420 all in from toronto, but I have to fly back through Vancouver to Toronto. I hope I can get a price like that for June as they are all around $2000 right now.
  8. Only 600 , Soi 6 is for daytimes.
  9. Shananagins had a good deal each day, but my buddy got really sick from something he had there on his last day. Sizzler had the rudest service I experienced in a Pattaya restaurant. Food was nothing special either. Where is Brunos?
  10. I am hoping it is one day, it falls in teh middle of my trip, maybe they are giving you a hint to stay open and are being subtle.
  11. I went ot the bar there a couple of time in july. It was an ok place, BK a coyotee, she was fun. My buddy had one of the hostesses. There is some negativity about the place form some and it is seen as a newbie place, but it was ok. Barfines are high for teh coyotee's before midnight 1000 baht.
  12. Thanks for the info I checked the phone power supply is 100-240V so I should be ok.
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