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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. I've been quite ill with bronchitis lately, had it twice in 2 months, I used to smoke 30 a day so decided to try and stop smoking, I'm now smoking e cigs, sky cig is the name of the company, it costs me about half of what smoking did and I'm amazed, they really work. I heard that they are banned in some countries which amazes me, anyone know if they are allowed in Thailand? I've heard there can be some problems as the cartridges look similar to bullets on the x ray. Has anyone had any experiences with them in Thailand? On a side note, if you are trying to give up go to Skycig.co.uk if u are from USA I here that blue cig is the same product.
  2. I lived in the U.S for awhile and had some very bad experiences with some yanks, it doesn't mean I think the whole nation are scumbags, I will agree with you that a portion of the younger brits need a slap but to be honest that could be said about many nations teenagers. The whatever like crowd are a pain in the ass but best ignored, I don't think it's only the young generation of Brits that have gone down hill and I certainly don't base my opinion of a nation on a few twats that obviously need a wake up call, e.g. what about all the shootings in U.S. schools, it doesn't mean that the entire race of U.S. juveniles brandish guns and want to shoot everything that moves.
  3. Is this guy for real? he has a couple of bad experiences and bad mouths an entire nation, I'd be angry if it wasn't so pathetic.
  4. The thing is USA on paper really aren't that good, not bad but certainly nothing to worry about, however, when they play, they play as a team, they make the best out of their options and do it well, England on paper should hammer them but the opposite applies to them, they don't play well as a team. Tbh i think England would have done way way better if they looked for a team with lots of English players and played that team as the national team instead, at least they play every week with each other and know what the others strengths are. England on paper are one of the best in the world, if only the game was played on paper because frankly what I have seen this tournament was a pretty awful display of football by players that on that form were never going to win the world cup whether the 2nd round match had been against Germany, Ghana, Australia or whoever.
  5. American football, hmmm look at the amount of protection they have, try and play rugby.
  6. The guy seems like a complete twat but I don't think you can say some French truly have no class, it's true but the same can be said of all nationalities, I think you should have said, some people truly have no class.
  7. I agree with everything you say but i doubt the rules will change, 1 thing i'd like to see changed is camera proof of incidents, the referees look at a replay in a controversial incident and then a decision is made, so no more pricks acting, like the 1 that succeeded in getting Kaka sent off last night, no more handball goals, Maradona, Luis Fabiano last night and Henry in the game against Ireland. These cheating bastards are ruining the game.
  8. Lol yes indeed, and what a wonderful game American Football, Baseball and Basketball is. /sarcasm off
  9. Maybe because they are the only ones that predominantely call it soccer.
  10. Ok i stand corrected, soccer is a bloody stupid name, no offence to the yanks but most of them that I have chatted football with just don't get it, after saying that, well done for drawing with us last night. Everyone that i spoke to about the game before the match thought it would be a breeze but after watching the confed cup last year I knew it wouldn't be that easy.
  11. So ask them to call it by it's name then, who the hell thought up the crap name soccer?
  12. Typical Yank comment when commenting on FOOTBALL ( not fucking soccer) so do you think it would be under achieving if North Korea were to get a 0-0 against Brazil?
  13. England will not win th eworld cup, no bottle, pre madonnas and quite frankly nowhere near good enough so stop fucking dreaming.
  14. Makes me laugh how people slag Peter Crouch off, the guy repeatedly scores for England, I think it was 21 goals at the last count with nowhere near as many appearances as some and he still gets slagged off. Heskey I agree with you but someone pointed out to me tonight that we will be playing very physical teams that we may need big strong players against. I do still kind of agree with you on that 1 though, heskey should have stopped playing for England a while ago. Put it this way, even if Michael Owen isn't what he used to be i'd still much prefer him than Heskey.
  15. For me it's either Spain, Brazil or Argentina, i'd love to think England have a chance but lets face it, it aint gonna happen, alot of people think we will walk past USA but they are no mugs, i was watching them in that cup last year whatever it's called and they played very well, I think we may draw against them then beat algeria and the other team, i think is slovenia not sure though. If we win the grp we will prob get to play Ghana in the next round which we should win but again not easy, if we come second in our grp we will prob play Germany so if that happens we will be going home at the second round, if we do progress past the 2nd round we'll be going home at the quarters. England just aren't consistent enough, we can play very very well but that happens far too rarely. When we come up against a quality side such as Spain, Brazil, Argentina, Germany, Portugal, Holland, u just know what's gonna happen. Out of the 3 i have mentioned as possible winners i'd like to see Spain win as they have never won it. If England did win it I can't imagine the piss up that night, would be fucking awesome but we'll be waiting at least another 8 years in my opinion when we may host it in 2018 when hopefully we'll have some players with a fucking backbone, don't worry about their haircuts, and don't shag eachothers wives.
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