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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. Hi, i stayed at jolly,s last year great rooms at good price. Now i wanted to stay again sent email twice and no reply. Anybody know anything. Bill.
  2. Hi, i always used china air from aberdeen to bkk via amsterdam but not any more. I enquired today with my usual agents Gazelle travel what a shock unbelievable. Travel in febuary not a busy time, not 500, not 600, not 700 or 800 yes you guessed it 900 POUNDS
  3. I always use china air never had a problem, where did you get that 519 price villa i couldnt find as low as that Bill.
  4. Hi, is there still a problem changing us dollars from a certain year, i remember sometime back they would not change some older notes i think it was 1990 series or something like that
  5. Hi i always stay there. Great staff good rooms great location, Ask me anything my favourite place in patts Bill.
  6. wilnor41


    Hi i agree everything about BA but sometimes you can get a great deal with them. They sometimes have good deals i had one in April this year. Aberdeen to bkk at the best price i ever had Bill.
  7. I booked my flight for May with british airways last saturday. Aberdeen to london and london to bangkok return 460 pounds return. Same flights today 700 pounds
  8. Hi plenty of flights with china air to bkk from glasgow or edinburgh or aberdeen. Sept or Oct or Nov all about 620 or 630. Depend when your return dates are Bill.
  9. Hi, Just change enough at the airport for your taxi and immediate expenses. You will get a better rate in town and can compare rates Bill.
  10. Hi dennis, I am still waiting for confirmation for the room as per my last email to you, Bill.
  11. Hi scumbag, Thanks for that link i have tried several search engines but could not get the info thanks a lot wilnor41
  12. Hi all , I am a bit confused about sizo ol land plots in thailand. I have been offered a plot of land outside of chiang mai and the size qioted is 100 wa. How big is that in sq. metres or sq yards Thanks wilnor41
  13. Hi guys, If you get a multi entry non immigrant visa which is good for 4 entrys with visa runs can you get another multi entry from within thailand or do you have to return to your own country for that. The reason i am asking cause i want to stay in thailand permanently and have not enough cash to apply for retirement although i am age to qualify. Thanks a lot for any help. Bill.
  14. Hi doolish and others, Can you tell me where you can cash your travellers cheques without having to carry your passport every time. The place where you receive a receipt so you not have to keep showing and carrying passport each time.
  15. Hi, I always travel abz/ams/bkk. I used my miles to upgrade to dynasty on my in bound flight. On boarding at ams received free upgrade to dynasty without asking. Great and it was there latest new plane. The lounge in ams is shared with klm just drinks and snacks and a comfartable seat but is busy. Wilnor41
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