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  1. When i was checking out in August they advised me that the rate is going up to 1500b for future bookings
  2. Do all the rooms have a balcony? Are there different levels of rooms? Basic, superior, deluxe etc? Your website seems very vague about prices.
  3. I don't give a fuck about votes, but this is one case where i am really pissed off about having 10 + but only 2 - votes a day. Fucking pathetic papillon!!!
  4. I couldn't find a price for a trip from Pattaya to Hua Hin, or back, on your website
  5. I've done that with my car in Sydney. Went to a pub on the way home from work, had 2 beers. Drove about 200 meters, saw a friend in front of another pub, turned the corner, parked and drank for around 8 hours. Walked home, way to drunk to drive. In the morning i couldn't find my car at the first place i parked so i called the police and reported it stolen. I forgot that i had moved it!!
  6. Its totally free here And some more
  7. I'll guess stuck. k is next to l on the keyboard
  8. In Feb i went from Hua Hin To Pattaya. 175B from Hua Hun to South bus station in Bankkok. 125 Baht from Bangkok to Pattaya. I'll guess the prices will be the same in reverse.
  9. What was worse for me was when i wasn't sleeping alone but felt like i was. That was when i decided to divorce. I usually spend 1 night a week alone in Thailand. It seems to get to a point where i need to catch my breath.
  10. Everything in Cambodia is $US. Get money from an ATM and $US come out. If change is less than $1 you get Cambodian money. From memory 4000 riel for a dollar.
  11. I stayed at Raming Lodge a couple of years ago. No charge for 1 girl, not sure about 2.
  12. I wouldn't have got close enough to take that picture Mick!!
  13. If you land during the day this might be cheaper. Bell bus or Airport Pattaya Bus
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